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Awards and Recognition

A valuable part of every unit’s advancement program is recognizing Scouts and Scouters for the myriad of other things Scouting has to offer. There are many websites that provide information on the various awards and recognition available, but the official site is Awards Central.

Awards Central has information on earning the following awards and recognitions in the table below. If you don’t see something, please contact the NCAC ARC or Program Impact Department for more information.

Click here to go to Awards Central

Additionally, the Guide to Awards and Insignia shows you how and where to properly wear each recognition you earn. The guide also covers some special regulations for jamborees, neckerchiefs, head gear, patch trading, and excess insignia.

Click here for the Guide to Awards and Insignia 

Awards Central Content – 1 October 2013

# H P
50-Miler Award
100% Boys’ Life Unit Award
iScouting Vale la Pena! Service Award

Hometown USA Award

Paul Bunyun Woodsman
Philmont Training Center Masters Track Award
President’s Award for Marketing Excellence
Professional Circle
Professional Fellowship Honor
Arthur M. & Berdena King Eagle Scout Scholarship

Asian American Spirit of Scouting Service Award

Alumni Award

Recruiter strip
Religious Emblems Awards Program
Boardsailing BSA
Boys’ Life Commissioner Award
BSA Lifeguard
James E. West Fellowship
Journey to Excellence
Scouter’s Key
Scouter’s Training Award
Scuba BSA
Seabadge Underway
Service Stars
Silver Antelope Award
Silver Beaver Award
Silver Buffalo Award
Skipper’s Key
Snorkeling BSA
Spirit of the Eagle Award
Commissioner Arrowhead Honor
Community Organization Award
Conservation Good Turn AwardCub Scout Leader Recognition Awards
Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award
Cyber Chip
Kayaking BSA
Keep America Beautiful
Totin’ Chip
The President’s Award (Scoutreach)
Torch of Gold
Trained Strip
Den Chief Service Award
Den Leader Training Awards
Distinguished Commissioner Service Award
Distinguished Eagle Scout Award
District Award of Merit
Doctorate of Commissioner Science Award
Leave No Trace Achievement Award – Cub Scout
Leave No Trace Award – Scouts BSA
Lifesaving and Meritorious Action Award
Long Cruise Award
Unit Leader Award of Merit
Emergency Preparedness Award
Endowment Achievement Award
Memorial Gold Star Award

Meritorious Awards

Messengers of Peace
Mile Swim BSA

Venturing Leadership Award
Venturing Shooting Sports Outstanding Achievement Award
Veteran Award
Veteran Unit Award