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Welcome to White Oak District

The White Oak District is a geographic operating unit of the National Capital Area Council–covering White Oak, Aspen Hill, Colesville, and some parts of Silver Spring, and some parts of Takoma Park. On this map, we are marked as the region in brown, directly north of the northern tip of Washington, DC.

We are home to about 30 Cub Scout Packs, 25 Boy Scout Troops, 11 Crews, 3 Teams, 1 Ship, 1 Exploring Post, and 1 Exploring Club, for a total of 2,143 youth members, and 785 adult volunteers.

YPT has officially changed!
All leaders or adults who regularly camp with the kids will be required to certify or re-certify by OCTOBER 1, 2018

Step-By-Step Instructions for login and training.
There are four modules. You may save your progress.
Estimate about 2 hours in total for all four modules.

Hazardous Weather Training

Effective April 30, 2018 new direct contact leaders must complete Hazardous Weather Training to be considered position trained.This course is available around-the-clock in the BSA Learn Center by logging in to your account on 

Go to “My Dashboard”, then click “Training Center”, then “Cub Scouting” (or other), then this should take you to Scouting University.  Then in the Course Catalog, search for “Weather”.


Lion Roar

Who: All new Lions and Their Partners. Lions MUST have a Lion Partner (over age 18) in attendance for the entire event. Cost for the pair is $5.00.

What: Lion Roar is a fun activity to learn about Scouting. It will be co-located with WEBELOS Weekend so that you will be able to see WEBELOS and Boy Scouts in action and visit some of their events such as: a rope bridge.

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Tiger Hunt

Tiger Hunt is a fun activity to learn about Scouting. It will be co-located with WEBELOS Weekend so that you will be able to see WEBELOS and Boy Scouts in action and visit some of their events such as: a model campsite, a rope bridge, and Scout cooking methods. You will also complete some of the requirements for your Bobcat badge and learn more about being a Tiger Scout.

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Webelos Weekend 2018

This is a GREAT opportunity for WEBELOS to see Boy Scouts in action and for parents to meet Troop Leaders.

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Start a STEM program in your unit

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2018 - 2019 Program Launch and Cubs Scout and Boy Scout Roundtables

Packet from MAY 10

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Volunteer Opportunities

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BALOO Training

The new overnight BALOO Training will be held at the Blue Ridge Center. Registration is coming soon.

Are you full of more questions than answers about girls joining scouting? Here is a starting point!

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Cub Scouts Requirements Grid

Are you trying to figure out how to get all your pack's requirements met? Autumn Richards has done all the work for you already! Check out her grid here!

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All about POWDER HORN 2018

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Join us at Roundtable. Second Wednesday each month. 7:30-9pm People's Community Baptist Church, 31 Norwood Road 20905

Online Tools

Would you like to receive some or all of your new applications for membership electronically? Would you like to update your "pin" (or find out what that even is)?

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Please read the training flyer and check out the other ways you can search the calendar for upcoming training events.

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Leave No Trace

For training on LNT, information is on this page!

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Service Hours

All about service hours!

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Friends of Scouting

To make an online donation to Friends of Scouting, click the link below. Please verify that "White Oak District" is your Donor Designation so the donation will be credited to White Oak.

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New Member Coordinator

What is this new position? And why do they get to wear red polo shirts!

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Should we require parents to volunteer in Cub Packs?

There are pros and cons to requiring parental volunteer levels. How can you implement this if you choose to do it?

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Scouts With disAbilities

Many boys have greatly benefited from their Scouting experiences, and many of them have (possibly invisible) disabilities. How can we all help them succeed?

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Resources to help you navigate the various "Duty to God" honors available.

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