Popcorn Program

The Popcorn Program is an important part of Scouting.  If managed well the program can generate enough income to financially support your Scouting program for the entire year! Some of the great benefits of selling popcorn include:

  • There are NO up-front costs to your unit
  • A built-in prize program to support the Unit and individual Scout goals
  • Participating in the Popcorn Program can complete requirements for rank advancement and multiple merit badges
  • Popcorn is supported by the local community
  • Scouts can earn a free week at a National Capital Area Council camp of their choice!

More importantly participating in the Popcorn Program teaches Scouts the value of earning their own way, setting goals, and supporting their unit program budget. This is an essential part of the character development learned through Scouting.

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Helpful Resources


Key Dates

Order #1

July 29th

Distribution #1

August 13th

Order #2

September 2nd

Distribution #2

September 17th

Final Order

October 21st

Final Distribution*

November 5th

Balances Clear

December 9th


Questions? Email 082popcorn@scouting.org