University of Scouting

Purpose of the University of Scouting – The “University of Scouting” is a supplemental training opportunity for all adult Scout leaders. It is the only time during the year where you can find, all in one place, the widest variety of training opportunities in all program areas (Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing, Sea Scouting, District Operations, and Council). Whether you are new to the program or a veteran of many years, the University provides interesting courses in Cubbing, Scouts, and Adventure and leadership training for Venturing, and Sea Scouting; Electives courses applicable across the Scouting programs, and District operations courses.

  • The College of Cub Scouting provides a wide variety of courses from working with Cub Scout-aged boys to pack administration to planning for an outdoor program, all focused on meeting Scouting goals while having fun as a pack or den.
  • The College of Scouts BSA provides an exciting variety of troop, patrol and outdoor planning supplemental courses to help manage the challenges of a great troop experience.
  • The College of Adventure Scouting provides classes in Venturing and Sea Scout topics and a variety of classes in Adventure Scouting / High Adventure subjects and resources for Venturing Crews, Sea Scout Ships, and Scout Troops.
  • The College of Elective Programs offers many “general studies courses” that cut across all the programs. Just about everything from diversity and special needs to using technology can be found in the Elective Programs. STEM Scouts will be covered as a subprogram (ELC500 classes) within the Electives College.
  • The College of District Operations is intended to provide training to district committee members and Scouters with an interest in district operations. Courses will range from a two-period orientation for new members to those focusing on administration, strategic planning, recruiting, and promotion. New classes have been added on managing your committee/district with Basecamp and using Black Pug to manage scouting events.
  • Standalone Courses are BSA national syllabus courses such as Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews (ILSC) that provide training for leadership positions in Scouting. Note that standalone courses do not count toward any degree requirements in any College. 
  • Scoutbook Training We are offering a full day of Scoutbook training in the College of Electives, three classes, each repeated twice. They are: Scoutbook – the Key to Organizing a Scout Unit, Scoutbook – Advancement in Cub Scouts, and Scoutbook – Advancement in ScoutsBSA. Full details are at ELC classes 132, 137, and 138 on pages 31 and 32.


All these opportunities are available at the University for learning how to better serve our young people and better work with our fellow leaders!