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Are You a Powhatan?

Whether you are the parent of a brand new Cub Scout or a long-time leader with deep roots in our organization, you are part of a community that reaches from the neighborhoods of Fairfax County Virginia to hundreds of countries in a worldwide brotherhood of Scouting. If you are reading this, it probably means that you believe in the values of Scouting, and are affiliated with a Scout unit within Powhatan District, NCAC. You are a member of our local Scouting Tribe!

But Powhatan District is more than a place on Scouting’s map. It is an organization with the mission to help local Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, Venture Crews and Explorer Posts get the most from the Scouting program. We provide unit leaders with tools to help them run the best possible program, complement unit activities with opportunities that enrich the experience of Scouts and Scouters, and help youth members to live Scouting’s motto – to be prepared for life.

Our website offers the latest on upcoming activities, awards, resources, training opportunities and Scouting news for Powhatan District. With resources for unit leaders, scouts, parents and information about our activities to share with others, you are certain to find help here for making Scouting stronger in our community.

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What knot name might be used frequently by a Scoutmaster on a rainy, mud-filled trail when the Scoutmaster is concerned about safety? Answer – Slip knot!!!! [Come on… Be honest. You may be rolling your eyes at the stupidity of the joke; but, deep down, you are laughing. we know you are.]