Council Leadership

Council President Jim Morgan

Council President Jim Morgan joined People Stretch Solutions after an extensive career in the graphic communications industry. As Managing Director/ Sales Growth Consulting, Jim leads the organization’s focus on sales transformation strategies for companies across multiple industries. Jim’s experiences as Sales Representative, Sales Manager, COO, President and business owner gives him unique insight into the sales and business development process. During his career he has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, federal agencies, non-profits and associations providing solutions to their complex business needs. Over 25 years Jim rose from Sales Executive to President of Balmar Inc., a $26MM printing and graphics company with over 300 employees and multiple locations. During that time, he was instrumental in the growth of the company through his leadership and vision. Jim believes that everyone must be invested in business development for today’s companies to grow and thrive. When not at work Jim is an avid supporter of the Boy Scouts of America. He was honored in 2010 with the NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award for distinguished service to his profession and community.

Council Commissioner Julia Mae-Shen Lesko

Julia Mae-Shen Lesko is the Council Commissioner and chief morale officer for the National Capital Area Council. A passionate trainer, she has served on several BSA national training task forces, and trained Scouts and Scouters from around the world at Philmont Training Center, Summit Bechtel Reserve, Florida Sea Base, and the National Order of the Arrow Conference. A Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow, Julia is also is the recipient of the Silver Buffalo Award, Silver Antelope Award, Silver Beaver Award, District Award of Merit, and numerous other square knots and training awards. Julia is the proud mother of an Eagle Scout and Order of the Arrow Vigil Honor member. She resides in Virginia with her wonderfully supportive Scouter husband, John, who enjoys being Julia’s aide-de-camp. Julia currently serves as Deputy Director for Case Management and Attorney Development at the U.S. Surface Transportation Board, where she has been regulating our nation’s freight railroads for over 33 years. Julia strives to ensure every member of the BSA has a great Scouting experience!

Scout Executive/CEO Mario Perez

Mario Perez was the Deputy Scout Executive/Chief Operating Officer of the NCAC for four years before being selected as Scout Executive. Previously, he was the Scout Executive/CEO of the Yucca Council, Boy Scouts of America. Yucca Council serves nearly 5,000 youth and over 2,200 volunteers throughout West Texas and Southern New Mexico. Over a twenty-one year career, Perez has successfully served four BSA Councils and helped to achieve Council objectives in the development and implementation of programs for Scouts of all ranks. His aptitude to work with youth and adults from diverse backgrounds and socio-economic conditions (rural, urban, multi-cultural, corporate, military etc.) has helped in the accomplishment of successful volunteer recruitment, youth membership growth, innovative fund-raising programs and creative youth program delivery.

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