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Outdoor Ethics

About NCAC Outdoor Ethics

The Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, Venturing, and Sea Scout programs all include outdoor stewardship, care for the environment, and Leave No Trace as part of their programs. The NCAC Outdoor Ethics Committee provides outdoor ethics training, advocates adherence to the Outdoor Code, and serves as a resource for outdoor ethics knowledge and questions.

Upcoming Events

There are Leave No Trace Trainer courses available every Spring and Fall in Northern Virginia and Germantown, MD.  See our flyers here:

2018 Leave No Trace Trainer Courses

2017 Leave No Trace Master Educator Course

We try to offer Outdoor Ethics Orientation Courses every month.  Contact us to schedule one in your district.

Search the NCAC calendar for the next course offering.  Search under “Outdoor Ethics”


Please contact Victor Bieniek, NCAC Outdoor Ethics Advocate, for more information.