District Key 3

Overall district leadership is provided by the Key 3, consisting of the District Chair, the District Commissioner, and the District Director.

  • The District Chairman is the volunteer leader of the District. The District Chairman gives direct leadership to the district committee and is a member of the council executive board.
  • The District Commissioner, who is responsible for the unit service function, gives leadership to the district commissioners and meets regularly with the council commissioner and other district commissioners.
  • The District Director is the full-time professional scouter in the district. They are employed by the National Capital Area Council and works under the Scout executive’s direction. The district director works closely with and supports the work of all district volunteers.

Below are the Key 3 that serve the Washington, DC District; click a name to contact the individual by email.

Position Name
District Chairman Hank Brothers
District Commissioner Aaron Marrs
District Director Carlos J. Salazar, PMP
District Executive Logan Taaffe