Scouting today is about much more than building campfires and learning to tie knots. To “Be Prepared” for life in the 21st Century, today’s Scouts need a strong foundation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics—the STEM disciplines. In political, governmental and academic circles, the strength of a nation’s STEM workforce is seen as an indication of that nation’s ability to sustain itself.

BSA’s STEM program is designed to educate and expand a Scout’s horizons using the same processes used in our current advancement programs. This important initiative gives Scouts an opportunity to explore relevant skills and experiences, and then to be recognized for their achievements. Our aim is to expose youth to new opportunities and help them develop the STEM skills critical for the competitive world marketplace. 

STEM Scouts Info Session March 30!!!

Join us on March 30 at 7PM via ZOOM to learn about STEM Scouts! Get the link here. 

STEM Scouts is a program designed to inspire and engage girls and boys through hands-on STEM activities. The National Capital Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, is pleased to offer this program to youth in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area.

Program Structure
STEM Scouts has programming for 3rd – 8th grade students, organized in 2 divisions: Junior Labs for grades 3-5 and Technology Labs for 6-8. Every meeting starts with the Scout Oath & Law, and wraps up with discussion of a STEM Innovator: people of both genders and of diverse ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds who have made a contribution in a STEM field.

Youth Leadership
As the youth go through the activities and experiments, they work in teams of 3 and rotate in roles of Principal Investigator, Co-PI and Project Manager.

Nearly 95% of the activity materials are included in the registration fee and are shipped to the unit. (Only perishables like milk or eggs cannot be shipped and would need to be unit-supplied.)

Option A (full-year program): structured for 22 meetings/year (2 orientation & lab safety meetings + 20 activity meetings, split in five themed modules).
Option B (partial-year program): structured for 14 meetings/year (2 orientation & lab safety meetings + 12 activity meetings).

Starting a New STEM Scouts Lab
Units are called “Labs” but can be held almost anywhere – the only facility requirements are access to running water and bathrooms. To start a new unit, you need:

  • a minimum of 5 youth
  • a minimum of 3 adults (volunteer adults serve as Sponsoring Org Rep, Lab Manager and Associate Lab Manager)
  • New Unit Application
  • MOU with Sponsoring Organization

Important Documents

Curriculum Guide & 2020-2021 Module Overviews

Interested in learning more? see: or contact: 240.395.0601 or