The Silver Beaver Award

Silver Beaver knot patch Silver Beaver Medal

From the beginnings of Scouting in Frederick County until 2003, 59 Francis Scott Key District Scouters were honored with the coveted Silver Beaver award, the highest award that a Scout Council can present for service on the Council level. The first recipient was Dr. Ignatius Bjorlee and those that followed soon after included Harold Chichester and Rev. William Carson Royal. Naturally the list of Silver Beaver recipients reads like a Who”s Who of Scouters in Frederick County. Since 2003 and the creation of Catoctin Mountain District, this strong tradition has continued.

Year      Awardee
1939 Dr. Ignatius Bjorlee
1940 Harold Chichester
1941 Rev. William Carson Royal
1946 Charles R. Utterback
1953 Richard Hammond
1954 Niemann A. Brunk
1956 Dr. William G. Roessler
1957 Rev. J. F. Minor Simpson
1958 F. Russell Young
1960 Rev. William M. Weaver
1961 Dr. Charles. C. Broadrup
1962 Fred W. Shaffer
1963 George J. Barthel
1964 Grayson B. Haller
1965 Lt. Col. Lester L. Holmes
1966 Henry B. Wilson
1967 Alan M. Miller
1969 Rodney Willard
1970 Charles A. Glick
1970 Robert H. Wilson
1971 Rev. H. Austin Cooper
1972 Donald G. Schley
1973 Elizabeth C. Johnson*
1973 Everett R. Johnson
1974 Lillie Stansbury*
1974 Dannie G. Stansbury
1975 Charles E. Stup
1976 Erwin Eddy
1976 Robert S. Pearsall, Jr.
1977 Shirley King
1978 Robert A. Rosensteel, Jr.
1979 Norman Feldser
1980 E. Paul Schelling
1980 Chester C. Staley, Sr.
1981 Samuel H. Mullen
1982 Richard U. Comstock
1983 J. Pinoake Browning
1983 J. Allen Wallace, Jr.**
1984 Norman M. Covert
1985 John Ruppel
1986 Harry N. Burns
1986 Robert L. Humphrey
1987 Dr. Robert R. Rosato
1988 Stuart L. Gunter
1990 Joseph Davis
1992 Samuel Jones*
1995 Brannon Thompson
1999 William R. Ingram
1999 Linda Sundergill
1999 Jim Sundergill
2001 Timothy “Vic” Barker**
2002 George Delaplaine
2003 H. H. “Jim” Robbins
2003 Richard Golling
2006 Jane Redding**
2007 Chuck Harris**
2008 Diane Henson
2008 Shawn Youngberg
2008 George Wunderlich**
2008 Peter Bladen**
2009 Fred Broadrup
2009 Dr. Steven Vaughn
2010 James Eaton Sr.**
2011 Phillip Ramsey **
2011 Ron Layman
2012 Mike Turrell**
2012 Tom Wheatley**
2013 Bill Desmond
2013 Paul Smith

* Originally the Silver Fawn Award
** Now with AT District