Upcoming Events

COVID – 19 UPDATE: It is our sincere hope that you will continue to support these district activities in spite of your already packed calendars. Our goal is to keep as many events on the calendar as possible to allow our scouts the opportunity to participate in activities with other scouts/scouters around the district. The latest FSK pocket calendar, updated 5.11.2020 is available here. 

Event Highlight: Popcorn Training

Popcorn training is scheduled for June 16th at Frederick Church of Christ. A virtual training is planned if the District is unable to meet in person.  If your unit is planning to be a part of the popcorn sale this year, please go to https://www.trails-end.com/unit-registration even if you already have an account on the Trail’s End system. An alternative option would be to email the FSK District Kernel, Melody Bloxsom with the unit number, the unit popcorn kernel name and contact information (email address and phone number). We need this information by May 18, 2020.

Information about the upcoming sale will be available at  https://www.ncacbsa.org/popcorn/ and the NCAC Popcorn FB page.