Merit Badge Counselors

Trying to locate a Merit Badge Counselor? Send a message to the Merit Badge Dean for help.

As of June 1st, 2010 all Merit Badge Counselors must be Youth Protection Trained (YPT) before an application (or form #34405) will be accepted. Please create an account at and under training take the YPT course then attach the certificate to the adult application before submitting it.  YPT must be taken (updated) every two years or your volunteer status will become inactive and you’ll have to re-apply.

To become a Merit Badge Counselor, you must fill out an Adult Application for leader position 42 (Merit Badge Counselor). This must be done even if you have previously filled out an application as an Adult Unit Leader, Committee Member, etc.  Along with the Adult Application you must attach a copy of your YPT certificate and attach a completed copy of the Merit Badge Counselor’s Information Form #34405.

The Merit Badge Counselor’s Information Form lists the merit badge(s) the counselor’s will be counseling and on the back of the form the counselor must list what qualifies them to counselor the merit badge(s). If this is not listed, the application will be denied at the district level. *NOTE: For Rifle shooting and Shotgun Shooting you must attach a copy of your NRA Instructor Certification. Other certifications for the following activities may be required, see section . of the Guide to Advancement.  These include: canoeing, climbing, lifesaving, rifle shooting, rowing, SCUBA diving, shotgun shooting, snow sports, swimming and whitewater. For ALL Aquatic Merit Badges, you must have current Safe Swim Defense & Safety Afloat Training certificates attached which show you are up to date through the upcoming year. The merit badge Counselor’s Information form must be updated annually and turned in to the District Advancement Chair by December 31st, or your volunteer status as a Merit Badge Counselor will expire. (Please note that a new Adult Application does NOT have to to be filed annually, just the information form.)

All merit badge counselors must be trained, per BSA’s Guide to Advancement Section Training for Counselors, before they can counsel a merit badge. Our District holds numerous training classes throughout the year.

The forms should be turned into the Advancement Chair, Bill Desmond – District Merit Badge Dean or Mychal Tamilow – District Director.

Merit badge information at