Summer Leadership Seminars

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Tuesday, July 28
5:00 PM EST– Exciting Online Presentations
Delivering information online requires new and innovative ways to think about training. Join us to hear about the formats and strategies to keep your information concise, relevant and exciting.
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Tuesday, August 4
5:00 PM– SPL Squaretable

This ‘seminar’ is for SPLs looking to discuss the challenges, frustrations and successes they’ve had in their Units during covid. We will meet for a facilitated discussion, so you’ll need a working camera and should be prepared to participate. The goal is to help you develop a stronger program and make your term as SPL “count strongly” during this trying time. Crew Presidents and Ship Boatswains welcome!!

We will accommodate as many participants as we can.
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Tuesday, August 11
5:00 PM– Recruiting and Motivating a Team

In Scouting, as in life, there are times you need to recruit a Team. Even when dealing with highly selective activities, team leaders can sometimes find it difficult to recruit, retain and motivate Scouts for the duration of a project. This Seminar will discuss some common pitfalls and solutions to help you assemble and train the best possible team.

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Leadership Training is one of the four Aims of Scouting. Through these seminars Scouts will have an opportunity to continue their leadership development despite the cancellation of NYLT this summer. Each seminar will be fast-paced and last about 50 minutes. Content is delivered by NYLT staff. It is recommended, but not required, that participants be in a position of Unit leadership and have attended ILS(T/C/S) or NYLT.


Q: Is this an “Online NYLT course?”

A: No. NYLT is a 6-day practical learning experience. We are offering this webinar to help Scouts who have attended NYLT (or are thinking about attending NYLT) focus on a few specific leadership topics in a fast-paced online format.

Q: Is there a certificate of completion I can share with my Unit Leader?

A: All Scouts will have an opportunity to receive (via email) a certificate of attendance.

Q: Will these webinars be recorded?

A: Not currently.

Q: When is the next opportunity to take NYLT in NCAC?

A: We are planning on holding courses in 2021, starting with a Winter course running across two 3-day weekends (MLK and Presidents’ Day). Registration typically opens in October but fills quickly. We anticipate running courses in the summer of 2021 as well.


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