What are those numbered posts for?

Some of you may have noticed the 4×4 numbered posts which are spread throughout the watershed area. These posts are designed to be part of a large orienteering project. With a small amount of effort, you can build an orienteering course of almost any size and with over 35 points, you can be assured that each course you build will be different from the last.

How to build a course

First, go to the Map of the watershed with all the points of interest loaded on to it. If you hover your cursor over each of the points, you will see the point’s GPS coordinates. Make note of the coordinate. Now go to the GPS Coordinate Calculator and enter in your first coordinate and then your second and it will tell you the direction (by compass) and feet from the first to second point. For example, Marker #1 is at 39.4812667,-77.2812000 and marker #36 is at 39.4813000,-77.2802667 and the calculator tells us that to get from marker #1 to marker #36 you need to go 263 feet east (at 87 degrees).

Repeat for your next point in the course.

If you have any questions on this, please contact David Place at advisor@crew270.com