The Capital Camp-In Schedule


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Activities for Cub Scouts

*We strongly encourage all Scouts to have an Adult Leader nearby while using the internet or joining Zoom calls.*

Saturday, May 23

8:00 AM – Opening Ceremony

Join us on Facebook Live or Zoom. Meet our Master of Ceremonies, view our flag ceremony by Troops 476B & 476G and Pack 476, and listen to some welcoming messages from NCAC Scouts. 

Join us: Facebook Live or Zoom

9:00 AM – Declare Camp!

Time to design your camp flag and write your camp cheer. We’ve provided a rectangular and a triangular layout for you to choose from,  you bring the markers and the creativity. Don’t forget to ask your helper to share a picture of your flag on Facebook!

At your own pace. Download the activity sheet here. 

10:00 AM – Explore the Outdoors

Now that you’ve established your camp, you should go out and safely explore. Enjoy this nature scavenger hike from Troops 1853B & 1853G. Make sure to be safe outdoors: wear a mask and don’t get too close to others.

At your own pace. Download the activity sheet here.

11:00 AM – Getting the Most Out of Scouting

Our Panel includes Scouts from all areas in Scouting, listen in as they share some of their highlights as well as how you can get involved! Guests include the OA, NCACs CVOA, and a WSJ staff member.

Join us: Facebook Live or Zoom

12:00 PM – Lunch

What’s cooking? See if you can help with making yourself lunch and be sure to share pictures with us on social media.

1:00 PM – Camping Roundtable

NCAC’s Director of Camping along with our resident camp directors, day camp coordinator, and health experts get together to discuss how we’re adapting to camping in a digital world. 

Join us: Facebook Live or Zoom

2:00 PM – Household Scavenger Hunt

Get ready to find things around your house and compete against others. Our NCAC Boatswain will lead you in a challenge of fun and movement!

Join us: Zoom

3:00 PM – Craft Time

Pack 38 will be demonstrating how you can make a simple bird feeder from the comfort of your own home. Watch this video and then let us know how it went!

At your own pace. Watch the video here.

4:00 PM – Be Prepared!

It’s always a good idea to use your Scouting skills to prepare for something bad that might happen. In this activity, have fun running around the house while also learning about what to do in an emergency.

At your own pace. Download the activity sheet here

5:00 PM – Desert Before Dinner?

You’re camping, why not?! Join Pack 278 in making ice cream in a bag! It’s a delicious treat that you can make in your kitchen with only a few ingredients. Just remember to save room for your veggies later!

At your own pace. Watch the video here.

6:00 PM – Dinner & Relaxation

Phew! What a day. Help in preparing your family a healthy meal to recover all the energy you spent earlier. Afterward, take a break, help clean up, and get ready for our campfire. 

8:00 PM – Campfire!

The Amangemek Wipit Lodge proudly presents your Capital Camp-In campfire! We have some funny jokes, skits, and songs coming your way, live from the desk of Scouting News.

Join us: Facebook Live or Zoom.

Sunday, May 24

9:00 AM – Scout’s Own

A Scout is Reverent. Our Council Messenger of Peace Champion has brought some of his friends together for a non-denominational and inspirational program.

Join Us: Facebook Live or Zoom.

10:00 AM – Tool Time

What’s Camp without accessories? With the help of your guardian, take what you have around the house and build a camp accessory. Maybe it’s practical, maybe it’s fun. Take a picture and share it with us. Bonus points if you use knots or lashings!

At your own pace.

11:00 AM – Snackin’ Strong

It’s a mystery ingredient challenge! Think you have what it takes to win our virtual cooking competition? Well since we can’t actually taste it, you’re all winners!

At your own pace. Download the activity sheet here.

12:00 PM – Closing Ceremony

All good things come to an end, and that even includes our Capital Camp-In. Check in once more with our Master of Ceremonies and his friends as we leave feeling excited to see what Scouting brings next. 

Join us: Facebook Live or Zoom