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Activities for Adult Leaders

Saturday, May 23

8:00 AM – Opening Ceremony

Join us on Facebook Live or Zoom. Meet our Master of Ceremonies, view our flag ceremony by Troops 476B & 476G and Pack 476, and listen to some welcoming messages from NCAC Scouts. 

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9:00 AM – Character Development Through Cub Scouting

One of the main objectives of Cub Scouting is character development. We will examine the nature and quality of good character and emphasize the importance of practicing the virtues embedded in Scout Oath and Scout Law as Cub Scouts grow and learn. Practical program and activity suggestions will be offered to help Cub Scouts improve their character.

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9:00 AM – Scout Book Training for Cub Scout Leaders

The course will be an interactive session on the use of Scout Book. A special presentation specifically for the Capital Camp-In!

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10:00 AM – Through the Eyes of Youth – the Perspective of the Growing Cub Scout

This course takes an in-depth look at youth, including their ages-and-stages, with the aim of building a better program through an increased awareness of characteristics, motivators, interests, and needs of the growing Cub Scout. We will talk about their sense of exploration and discovery, their love of adventure and excitement, and their desire for recognition. This course is for all leaders who work directly with youth.

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10:00 AM – The Scoutmasters Minute

Learn what a Scoutmaster’s minute is, what it is not, and how to develop or find inspiration to give one. We will discuss lessons learned and personal experiences. You should feel comfortable developing and giving a Scoutmaster’s minute when this session is done.

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11:00 AM – Getting the Most Out of Scouting

Our Panel includes Scouts from all areas in Scouting, listen in as they share some of their highlights as well as how you can get involved! Guests include the OA, NCACs CVOA, and a WSJ staff member.

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12:00 PM – Lunch

What’s cooking? Help your Scout prepare a meal, or supervise while your Scout prepares a meal for you! Be sure to share your cooking photos with us on Facebook.

12:00 PM – What is Powder Horn and Back Country Outdoor Leader Skills (BCOLS)?

Powder Horn and Back Country Outdoor Leadership Skills are two courses designed to help Troops and Crews, by exposing older Scouts, Venturers, and Adult Leaders, to outdoor/high-adventure activities. The courses provide an introduction to the resources needed to successfully lead youth through a program of outdoor adventure and is based upon giving participants an exposure to some outdoor/high-adventure activities. 

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12:00 PM – From Zero to Fifty…Miles – A Practical Guide to Adding Hiking and Backpacking to Your Program

Does your troop or crew want to start a hiking or backpacking program? Is your unit new or have young Scouts? Do your Scouts laugh at walking 10, 15, or 20 miles? Are you a new hiking or backpacking merit badge counselor? If the answer is yes, then this is the course for you. Students will learn how to start a hiking and backpacking program with special emphasis on planning, logistics, and how hikes/treks should build toward a goal while keeping Scouts engaged, building muscle, increasing endurance, and learning team work and leadership. This class is not how to hike or backpack, but how to start, plan, and execute a hiking and backpacking program. Real world examples of hikes and what leaders should consider when planning hikes and treks.

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12:00 PM – Unconscious Competence

This class will explore how a Scout climbs the ladder of learning from Unconscious Incompetence to Unconscious Competence. It will help leaders understand the learning process all individuals go through, so they can better enable Scouts in the EDGE process. Your understanding of what the Scouts are going through will better enable them to reach competence in their skill development.

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1:00 PM – Camping Roundtable

NCAC’s Director of Camping along with our resident camp directors, day camp coordinator, and health experts get together to discuss how we’re adapting to camping in a digital world. 

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2:00 PM – Cub Scouting Publicity and Promotion

We live in the information age!  Pack, Council/District, and community newsletters; community newspapers; internet blogs, web sites, e-mail lists, on-line videos and social media are available options for Cub packs to promote their programs and highlight their achievements.  But, how can we best use these resources to help the pack and its Cub Scouts grow, while complying with BSA policies and ensuring the safety, security and privacy of the Scouts and their leaders?  This course will explore the safe, BSA-approved use of all forms of media for pack publicity and promotion, and how such publicity and promotion help your pack meet the character, citizenship and fitness goals of the Cub Scout program.

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2:00 PM – Make Merit Badges Memorable

You’ve completed Youth Protection Training, registered as a Merit Badge Counselor, and reviewed the “Essentials of Merit Badge Counseling.” Now, what? Come learn how we keep Scouts excited about Merit Badges using props, games, and unconventional aids. Find out other ways to surprise your Scouts, spice up interactive sessions, and make sure every Scout fulfills every requirement. A perfect example is how we use a baby doll to teach logic during our Programming Merit Badge session! In addition, discover the concept of Merit Badge Month and convert troop meetings into multiple merit badge sessions for every interest. We’ll discuss all the secrets our troop uses to Make Merit Badges Memorable!

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3:00 PM – Family Involvement in Cub Scouting

Cub Scouting is a family-centered program, but what does that really mean?  At all ranks, Cub adventures include requirements to be met not in the den or pack but at home.  Active and engaged parent participation boosts delivery of an effective Cub Scout program, promotes Scout retention and advancement, and reinforces Scouting goals and ideals.  We will cover the nature and extent of family participation and how to best encourage families to become involved in dens and packs, while recognizing limitations and constraints.

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4:00 PM – Exciting Campfires

Scouts look forward to the time around the campfire as much as almost anything in Scouting, yet we often pay little attention to making the time memorable. Learn how to make your unit campfires ones the Scouts will be telling their grandchildren about. Learn what special things need to be done when you have Webelos or new Scouts or new Scouters at your campfire, and what needs to happen at a Camporee campfire. When do you have a relaxed singing time, and when do you have a formal program? What is the difference between a campfire that is intimate and one that is exciting, and why are both important? What do you do, if no one wants to (or admits they can) sing? How big should the fire be, and should you prepare it ahead of time? Who should be the MC, and do you need an MC? Does it really matter whether campfire programs are led by Scouts or adults? Make your next campfire one your Scouts will remember forever.

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4:00 PM – Trainer’s EDGE

This Virtual Trainer’s EDGE course is approximately 3 hours long and will be completed online.

Preparing for the course is easy. You need to watch two videos on YouTube, print nine handouts, gather a few other supplies, and find a quiet place in your home where you can join the training program. During the course you will participate individually, and in small ‘break-out’ groups. You will have the chance to talk with other Scouters, as well as the facilitators who will be leading the meeting. 

Upon completion of the virtual online portion of the course, you will receive a ‘conditional’ completion certification which will be good for 12-months. To fully complete The Trainers EDGE, you will prepare for your role as a course staff member by giving a presentation that will be evaluated by your NYLT or Wood Badge Course Director or peers. After practicing your presentation with your group, your Course Director will sign your certificate, submit it to your Council Training Chair, and your training record will reflect your full, non-expiring completion of The Trainers EDGE. 

Attached is a Participant Preparation file for you. Please make sure you watch the videos, print the handouts, and gather the listed supplies BEFORE joining the course. If you have any questions about the course, please contact Danielle Ballantine. We are looking forward to your participation in The Virtual Trainer’s EDGE. 

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6:00 PM – Dinner & Relaxation

Phew! What a day. Share your favorite camping recipe with us, double points for pictures! Then relax and get ready for our campfire. 

7:00 PM – What is Wood Badge

SCOUTING LEADERS! Would you like to find out more information about a national BSA training course that takes you far beyond your Basic Leader Training? Would you like to build your skills in communication, team building, and teaching methods?  How about a leadership course that rivals many corporate level training? Wood Badge is here for you. This course will help you better understand how all the Scouting programs tie together. It will provide you with many useful leadership tools to help enable our youth to have the best possible Scouting experience. You will also see how this course ties into the youth leadership course NYLT. When we have adults and youth speaking the same leadership language, amazing things happen with the development of units and their Scouts.

Although the course is different today, what Baden-Powell said in 1919 still applies: “One of the purposes of Wood Badge training is to get Scouters to think about the practice of Scouting, to meet together, to exchange experiences, and to live together in the spirit of the Scout Oath.”

To ensure we reach our target audience, we are asking Scouting Leaders who have attended Wood Badge to not enroll in this course.

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8:00 PM – Campfire!

The Amangemek Wipit Lodge proudly presents your Capital Camp-In campfire! We have some funny jokes, skits, and songs coming your way, live from the desk of Scouting News.

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Sunday, May 24

9:00 AM – Scout’s Own

A Scout is Reverent. Our Council Messenger of Peace Champion has brought some of his friends together for a non-denominational and inspirational program.

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10:00 AM – The Cub Scout Within You

Come rediscover the Cub Scout in you and allow yourself to have fun as a leader.  Learn why you should become a Scouting evangelist and how to summon the creative powers within you – all to make a difference in the life of a boy or girl – and yourself.  Please be prepared to “check” your adult self at the door!

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10:00 AM – Games for Virtual Team Building

As we keep figuring out news ways to Scout On digitally, it’s important you have fun while doing it! Watch this presentation for ideas on virtual games for your next unit meeting. 

At your own pace. View the presentation here.

10:00 AM – Introduction to Via Ferratas – Cancelled

11:00 AM – Internet Cub Scout At Home

The course will be an interactive session accessing useful web sites that provide policy and program updates, operational recommendations, and activity ideas for Cub Scouting during the pandemic.  This course has been created specifically for the Capital Camp-In!

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12:00 PM – Closing Ceremony

All good things come to an end, and that even includes our Capital Camp-In. Check in once more with our Master of Ceremonies and his friends as we leave feeling excited to see what Scouting brings next. 

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