Requiring Parents to Volunteer

On Aug 9, at Cubs RT, Dr. Autumn Richards presented on what her pack requires of parents. She began by asking how many of us would like more parents to volunteer. She then asked how many of us were willing to take a cut in numbers to achieve that. In her pack, she dishes out “straight talk” to parents: “It’s ok if you don’t want to volunteer, but then this is not the pack for you. There are many other packs you can join that don’t require this, and I can help you find one of them.” And usually, they stay! Usually, parents just want to know what they can do, and they want to know up-front how much time it will *actually* take. (Dr. Richards warned that this takes 3 or 4 years to fully implement, but you can start a little at a time.)

Below are links to many files provided by Dr. Richards to show what happens in her pack. These jobs are given out when registration is done. Every parent/family must take a job.

Feel free to contact the webmaster to be introduced to Dr. Richards over email.


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