Leave No Trace: Outdoor Ethics


White Oak District Outdoor Ethics Advocate
Mark Verschell
Email: tkpkuc@icloud.com

Outdoor Ethics Resources: https://www.scouting.org/outdoor-programs/outdoor-ethics/

Saturday March 30 (8:30am) to Sunday March 31 (noon) in Northern VA
Friday April 5 (5pm) to Sunday April 7 (noon) in Germantown MD
Friday September 20 (5pm) to Sunday September 22 (noon) in Germantown MD
Saturday October 19 (8:30am) to Sunday October 20 (noon) in Sky Meadows State Park

For more sessions, go to the NCAC main calendar click “Categories”, apply the “Training” filter, and visually search for Leave No Trace. List view may be easier to read. Either way, you will need to use the inner scroll bar to scroll down the calendar to see all the dates.

Outdoor Ethics Awareness Award
NCAC Cub Scout Outdoor Ethics Awareness Award Patches are available at the NCAC Scout Store in ethesda.