Advancements and Recognition


Goose Creek District Advancement & Recognition Committee (ARC)



District ARC Chairman: Alan Steiner

Eagle Scout Advisers: Ed Thiede (Ashburn), Brad Scales (Sterling), Roberta (Bobbie) Scales (Sterling), Alan Steiner (Sterling), Kurt Struder (Hamilton).

Merit Badge Dean: Rich Pender

Special Needs Scouting: vacant

Function of the ARC

Operating under the auspices of the Programs Committee in Goose Creek District, the function of the Advancement and Recognition Committee is to motivate and train unit leaders and unit committee members in the advancement program. It accomplishes this by:

  • Helping units establish an active advancement program through training, communications and 1-on-1 mentoring.
  • Assisting in the Eagle Scout advancement, process, including the review of records and participation on Eagle Boards of Review.


GCD Merit Badge Counselor

and STEM Counselor/Mentor

 Registration and Lists

NCAC has delegated the responsibility of approving and maintaining a list of current Merit Badge Counselors (MBC) to the Districts. A MBC is a District-level, not a Unit, position, which means leaders must submit a new BSA Adult Leader application even if already registered in another capacity.

Registration as a Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) and STEM Nova Counselor and Supernova Mentor can now be completed online:


  • Obtain the District’s QR Code by emailing for each new counselor. This will take you directly into to register. The online process incorporates a BSA Adult Leader Application, a background check waiver and YPT check.  Be sure to indicate position code for MBC (Position Code 42), STEM Nova Counselor (Code 58) or  STEM Supernova Mentor (Code 52).
  • Complete a MBC Information Form (found here) and send to
  • Complete the online training course for Merit Badge Counselors.  Sign in to, and complete the set of four short videos, and then send verification of completion (certificate or screen shot) also to
  • Once approved, you will appear in Scoutbook as a MBC.
  • MBC and STEM Lists are updated several times a year.
NCAC believes due to the importance of the subject matter, and the uniqueness of the badge requirements, that special training is warranted for any MBC requesting approval to work with Scouts on Citizenship in Society.  Beyond the basics for becoming a MBC, completion of BSA’s DEI training course and  a live, badge-specific course are required, as well as a review of certain material and a firm commitment to certain principles for working with Scouts on the badge.  Once all requirements are completed and certified, MBC applications are presented to the NCAC Merit Badge Dean for final approval.
For detailed information, please contact the Goose Creek MB Dean at


The most recent MBC lists are available at these links:

Merit Badge Counselors sorted by badge (Updated April 2023)

Merit Badge Counselors sorted by counselor (Updated April 2023)

The STEM listing contains all Nova Counselors and Supernova Mentors who have agreed to work with any Goose Creek District Scout on STEM awards:


As specified in the BSA Guide to Advancement, MBC/STEM Lists are not to be easily available to Scouts. Rather, the Scout should work with Unit Leadership to find a MBC or STEM volunteer for the badge of interest. Therefore, the MBC/STEM lists are password-protected. Unit leaders can request the password by emailing

The lists only include those MBC and STEM volunteers willing to work with all Scouts in Goose Creek District. MBCs who asked to only work with their Troop are not included; the expectation is that the Troop will make sure their names are known to their Scouts.

For further understanding of the MBC process, see the NCAC MBC page found here.


Critical Links

To ensure consistency between the information and forms accessed by users of our website, many of the links offered within are best done by directing the reader to the real source material.

National Advancements Team – General Resources:

  • Guide to Advancement (2017 – Pub No.33088) … in PDF;;
  • Advancement Report (Pub No. 34403 – formerly Rank Advancement Form)
  • Advancement News (Archive … of current/past issues)
  • Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook (Pub No. 512-927… expandable)
  • Navigating the Eagle Scout Service Project; Info for Project Beneficiaries
  • National Eagle Scout Project Impact Grant program (subsidies for Eagle Projects) … coming soon
  • Eagle Scout Rank Requirements  (scroll to bottom of page for link to listed requirements).
  • 2017 Eagle Scout Rank Application (Pub No. 512-728) … (The April 2017 Printing (noted on the bottom-right of the second page) is current.  You must use this 2017 version of the ESRA.  Do not attempt to complete it online, but save it to your computer and then open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • You may have noticed that since 2013, the Eagle Scout Rank Applications (ESRA) contain a third page. This is an optional page, and should NOT be submitted to Council.  The National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) wanted a way to maintain contact with new Eagle Scouts and this appeared to be the best way to start the process.
    • The third page does not affect the processing of the ESRA.
    • In fact, this third page is OPTIONAL – completed at the discretion of the Eagle Scout Candidates, and/or his parents). As such, the third page must not be sent with the ESRA for certification.
    • It must also not be included in the Eagle Scout Package. It is a voluntary form provided by NESA and should be sent directly to NESA, by the Scout’s family.
  • National Advancement Team – Resources

NCAC Advancements & Recognition Committee Resources:

Contact Advancement Chairman Alan Steiner with questions or for more information.