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Advancements and Recognition

Welcome to the Goose Creek ARC Webpage!

The National Capital Area Council (NCAC) made some changes recently in website service providers, resulting in the redesign and reformatting of all sub-sites within. As such, much of what was provided at the Council subcommittee and district level is changing.  If you do not find what you need, please ‘come back again’ … it may be something that will be completed soon.

Goose Creek Advancement & Recognition Committee (ARC)


District ARC Chairman: Alan Steiner

Eagle Scout Advisers: Ed Thiede (Ashburn), Mark Keefe (South Riding), Tonia Chagnon (Sterling), Brad Scales (Sterling), Roberta (Bobbie) Scales (Sterling), Alan Steiner (Sterling), Stephen Hess (Leesburg), Kurt Struder (Hamilton), Tom Hayes (West Loudoun), Deanna Solomon (West Loudoun), Roger Johnson (LDS).

Merit Badge Dean: Tom Hill

Special Needs Scouting: Claudia Wolfson

Function of the ARC

Operating within, and under the auspices of the Programs Committee in Goose Creek, the function of the district Advancement and Recognition Committee is to motivate and train unit leaders and unit committee members in the advancement program. It attempts to accomplish this by …

GC Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) Lists

The A&R Committee is also responsible for the major elements of the Merit Badge Program – recruiting, training and certifying merit badge counselors and for publishing lists of counselors.

August, 2015 Update: The 2015 Guide to Advancement specifies that MBC Lists are not to be easily available to scouts. Troop leadership serve an important role in working with the scout to find a Merit Badge Counselor for the badge the scout is interested in. Goose Creek does not have a password-protected section of our website, however, so the following files are password-protected. Troop leaders who need the password can request it from the Merit Badge Dean or other staff members by emailing


Merit Badge Counselors sorted by badge (Updated December 2017)

Merit Badge Counselors sorted by counselor (Updated December 2017)

Also, to access the proper/current Merit Badge Counselor Information Form (to sign up for new merit badges), and to gain a complete understanding of the Council’s process for managing the Merit Badge Counselor efforts, see the NCAC MB page here.

Critical Links

To ensure consistency between the information and forms accessed by users of our website, many of the links offered within are best done by directing the reader to the real source material.

National Advancements Team – General Resources:

NCAC Advancements & Recognition Committee Resources:

The NCAC ARC website is one of those that is undergoing significant restructuring and is currently unavailable. Once re-established, you can expect to find – among other things – links to the following:

Contact Advancement Chairman Alan Steiner with questions or for more information.