District Management

A Guide for Volunteers on Good Volunteer-Professional Relationships (No. 513-144) 
Suggestions for volunteers on how to develop good working relationships with Scouting professionals

A Handbook for District Operations (No. 34739) 

A Plan for Functioning Districts (No. 513-622) 

This diagram illustrates the cycle of responsibilities for the district.

Activities and Civic Service Committee Guide (No. 33082) 

Activities and civic service are important responsibilities of the program function–one of the four major functions that every district and council must fulfill.

District Committee Job Profile Templates (https://www.scouting.org/council-support/strategic-performance/council-operations/job-profile/)

Sample job profile templates for district committee positions done in Word format so you can revise them to fit your district’s needs. These can also be used ‘as is’ by filling in the volunteer name and key meeting dates.

District Committee Training Workshop (No. 34160)  

This guidebook provides a syllabus to help councils provide basic training for members of the district committee.

District Committee Volunteer Duties Cards (No. 34266) 

Download these responsibility cards in PDF format and print them on cardstock to create pocket-sized reference cards for your district committee leadership.

District Key 3 (No. 513-630) 

The district Key 3 consists of the district chair, district commissioner, and district executive. These three crucial positions work together to define and serve the needs of the district.

District Nominating Committee Worksheet (No. 513-332)  

A district committee is responsible for increasing the effectiveness of Scouting throughout a district through the achievement of district goals. Thus, the task of the district nominating committee selecting a slate of competent officers and members at large for the next year is an extremely important one.

District Roundtables (No. 14-633B)  

This important part of commissioner service is covered in detail in the annual Roundtable Planning Guides that provide complete methods and month-by-month suggestions for each of the monthly roundtables.

District Support Items 

A quick-reference list of District support items available online and in hard copy.

Selecting District People (No. 34512)  

This book is designed to help key district leaders determine the number of people needed to operate an effective district, and then to locate, select, and recruit them.

Self-Evaluation Guide for Successful District Operation (No. 34207) 

Staging Recognition Meetings (No. 33706)  

A complete guide to planning meetings that include or are specifically for the purpose of delivering a message of thanks for efforts and service.

The Chartered Organization Representative (No. 33118) 

The purpose of this pamphlet is to help the chartered organization representative understand your responsibilities.

The District (No. 33070) 

This wide-ranging overview provides information on how the district carries out the operational mission of the council.