Cub Scout Resources

Save the Date: NCAC Unit Membership Growth Conference – 10 June 2023

– In-person meeting

– Location has not been confirmed yet, though we have it down to 3 potential locations: 2 in the Springfield / Annandale area, and the MSSC as a backup.

– Time will be 9am – 12pm with the ability to pick up current resources in stock

– Agenda and additional information available in early May.

Membership SWAG

– Pencils are at the MSSC

– Remaining Cub Scouts Yard Signs are at the MSSC

– Order will be placed with Spectrum Marketing to replace / replenish yard signs. Delivery should be 1st week in August

In Service to Youth,
Nick Adams
District Membership Chair
Western Shore

Cub Roundtable – 12 April 2023

Download the Powerpoint