District Leadership

Powhatan Key Three
District Committee Chair Roland Taylor chair@powhatan-scouting.org
District Commissioner John Colwell commissioner@powhatan-scouting.org
District Executive Danielle Byrd danielle.byrd@scouting.org
Membership Monique Chimento membership@powhatan-scouting.org

New Units
Justine Podolny  
Special Needs Steve Housley special-needs@powhatan-scouting.org
Finance and Fundraising
Finance Tom Scott finance@powhatan-scouting.org
Friends of Scouting Tony Kelker friends@powhatan-scouting.org
Popcorn Kernel Jonathan Hotz popcorn@powhatan-scouting.org
Nominating Committee Chair Jim Emery volunteer@powhatan-scouting.org
Program Support and Training
Vice Chair of Program

John O’Connell

Advancement Steve Housley advancement@powhatan-scouting.org
Merit Badge Dean Brad Case merit-badges@powhatan-scouting.org
District Training Chair Roger Claff  
Cub Scout Training Roger Claff cub-scout-training@powhatan-scouting.org
Boy Scout Training Gregg Schwarz boy-scout-training@powhatan-scouting.org
Woodbadge Chip Smith woodbadge@powhatan-scouting.org
Unit Leader Assistance Unit Commissioner Corps Click Here for Unit Commissioners
Rechartering Help John Colwell commissioner@powhatan-scouting.org
Outdoor Activities and Special Events
Outdoor Program John O’Connell camping@powhatan-scouting.org
Outdoor Ethics Sara Holtz outdoor-ethics@powhatan-scouting.org
Cub Scout Day Camp Nancy Nunan day-camp@powhatan-scouting.org
High Adventure Craig Dubishar high-adventure@powhatan-scouting.org
Camporee Jeff Ball camporee@powhatan-scouting.org
 Webelos-ree Vacant webelosree@powhatan-scouting.org
Pinewood Derby Dusty Vaughn pinewood-derby@powhatan-scouting.org
STEM Scouting Michael Hanson stem@powhatan-scouting.org
Service to Others
Scouting for Food Chris Gohrband scouting-for-food@powhatan-scouting.org
Order of the Arrow Mark Reed oa@powhatan-scouting.org
Outreach and Communication
Vice Chair of Communications Jerome Boettcher communication@powhatan-scouting.org
Communication and Marketing Vacant communication@powhatan-scouting.org
Webmaster   webmaster@powhatan-scouting.org

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