Please welcome to the Powhatan community, Todd G. Bolick our new Senior District Executive. As our area’s local Scouting professional, Todd will be working alongside District Chair Inge Gedo and District Commissioner Eric Bullock as part of the Powhatan District Key 3 leadership team.

A northern Virginia local, Todd was born in Alexandria and grew up in Annandale, VA where he graduated from Annandale High School in 2006. In 2010, he received his Bachelors degree in Political Science with a minor in Communications from Christopher Newport University. While at CNU, Todd was active with the Marching Band, Indoor Drumline, and the Student Government Association.

After graduation, Todd served a stint as manager for local swimming pool facilities, then put his Political Science training to work as an intern on Capitol Hill, and as an associate at a public policy think tank in Washington DC.

In June 2016, Todd began living his greatest passion, Scouting, as a profession. Starting as District Executive (DE), in the National Capital Area Council’s (NCAC) Chain Bridge District, he soon moved on to server Colonial District as DE, then to Goose Creek in February 2019. Powhatan District is fortunate to welcome an experienced professional Scouter to its ranks!

Todd is especially of proud of his role in planning the multi-district, 20th anniversary Camporee, in the fall of 2018, that drew over 1,000 participants. With the benefit of his Scouting enthusiasm, support and organizational skill, Goose Creek, and Chain Bridge Districts ran very successful fundraising events in support of NCAC programs, local unit assistance, training programs, operations and more.

Outside of work and Scouting, Todd enjoys being in the outdoors (especially running, biking, hiking, and aquatics activities), watching movies, and spending time with his family (his nephew is a Tiger in the Prince William District!), and friends. He is also an active member at his synagogue in Alexandria.

Both as a professional and volunteer, Todd passionately supports what he considers the greatest and most consequential organization for youth in our country. He is an Eagle Scout with four Palms and has been a registered member of the BSA (in the NCAC) since he was a Tiger over 25 years ago. Todd has volunteered as an Assistant Scoutmaster with the Troop where he earned his Eagle, Troop 150 in Annandale, VA, since aging out as a Scout. He has additionally been active and involved with the Order of the Arrow and became a Vigil honor member in 2017.

Todd is excited to serve as the Powhatan Senior District Executive! He is looking forward to visiting the units and meeting and working with the wonderful Powhatan Scouts and Scouters! Feel free to contact him at with any questions, comments, etc. He’ll also be at our upcoming Roundtable meeting on March 12th, so you can meet him there!

The following individuals will be recognized for their service to Scouting at this year’s Powhatan District Court of Honor:

Find the latest version at:

Because BSA registration fees and dues do not fully cover the costs of Scouting, individual units, Powhatan District and our local Scout Council offer fundraisers to keep programs affordable for all.  Check out opportunities for raising money for your adventures, keeping our camps and facilities in good shape, and enabling us to offer training plus challenging and fun activities for Scouts of all ages!


This is an easy and productive fundraiser for units!  Scout take and deliver orders, and units get a share of the profits.  Powhatan District takes care of logistics, procuring the popcorn and other treats. Scouts with needing financial assistance can earn extra dollars in camp scholarships.  Learn more by visiting our popcorn page.


The Camp Card fundraiser is designed to help units and Scouts earn their way to Camp this summer! Units participating in the 2019 program will earn 50% commission, ($2.50) on each $5 Camp Card, and offers a RISK FREE way to raise funds. This year’s sale runs from February 1st to May 15th. Sign-ups will begin November 1st. To learn more, and sign up, please go to  Cards will be distributed at the February Roundtable for unit leaders. Have questions? Send an email to


Beyond the official fundraising opportunities, some units plan their own efforts.  If you are thinking about organizing your own effort to raise money for your Troop, Pack or Crew, here are a  few key things to consider:

  • Official Fundraisers (like popcorn and camp cards) provide essential revenue to support local Scout camps, camporees, and other activities of value to our entire Scouting community.  We hope you will consider offering a portion of your fundraising proceeds to help keep the Scouting program strong and affordable for all.
  • All fundraising activities must be designed to uphold the good name, and nature of the BSA as a civic organization.
  • You should submit a Unit Money Earning Application (Form 34427) to obtain approval for your fundraiser in advance.  You can send it by email to our District Finance Chair (

There are a considerable number of rules and guidelines for unit fundraisers.  Learn more on our Money Earning Project Guidelines page.  Questions? Contact Powhatan District’s Finance Chair, Sheridan Kramer ( for assistance.

Regular communication helps keep Scouts, parents and the community engaged and interested in your unit’s program.  But determining how best to reach out, and putting your best foot forward is complicated in an age of 24-7 online communication.  It also can take time to reach out, so it is understandable why many leaders view it as less important when planning activities.

Unfortunately, planning activities without fully considering communication can negatively affect your unit’s program.  Scouts and their families are more likely to participate actively, and get greater value, when fully engaged.  Great communication catches their attention, generates excitement, and promotes greater participation.   It magnifies the impact of your efforts to plan and carryout worthwhile Scouting adventures!

Whether adult leaders are using social media, monthly newsletters, or emails to share with parents, or trying to encourage older Scouts to share the fun and excitement of your unit’s adventures (think Troop Historian), this resources page will help you make the most of your unit’s communications!

NCAC Marketing Toolbox
Find useful tools and information for outreach and communication on this page created by NCAC’s Marketing and Communication committee.  [ More]

NCAC Social Media Webinar
Check out this webinar (April 2019), hosted by NCAC, about using of social media.  Available tools, rules and techniques are covered, and you can hear about it all over the course of an hour or so.  To jump into the heart of the content, start at minute 19. [ Listen to the Webinar]

With deep appreciation for his service to others, and commitment to Scouting,  Powhatan district  shares news of the passing of B.J. Silvey on January 19, 2019.

Over a lifetime of service, B.J. exemplified the model of strong citizenship, dedication, determination and dignity for Scouts and Scouters alike.  Undaunted by setbacks in later years, he maintained his involvement in Scouting, sharing his enthusiasm and support when others might have retired to quieter pursuits.  Some may even remember his participation on a weekend of community service in the woods – providing encouragement and instruction to Scouts even from the confines of a wheelchair.

As a youth, B.J. earned the rank of Eagle – an honor designed for those who dedicate themselves to Scouting’s highest ideals.  As an adult, he served in numerous leadership roles both at the unit and district level.  B.J. was recognized for his service to Scouting with the District Award of Merit (2004), Silver Beaver (2007), Commissioners Arrowhead Award (1980), Commissioners Key (1986), Outstanding Unit Commissioner Award (2010), and Distinguished Commissioner Service Award (1993, 2008).

A memorial service will be held on Saturday, February 16, at 11 a.m. at the United Christian Parish, 11508 North Shore Drive, Reston, VA 20190.

If you are interested in high adventure, or want to learn more about activities in Scouts BSA’s co-ed outdoor program, or know an individual aged 13-20 who loves the outdoors, join us for a Venturing and High Adventure Information Session.

Featured speakers Heather Youmans and Brenna Emery will walk you through their experiences as summer staff at Philmont (New Mexico) and The Summit (West Virginia) high adventure bases.  Ask questions, and find out how you can get back to nature next summer.

No RSVP – Just Show Up!
January 7, 2019
7:30 pm
Reston YMCA
12196 Sunset Hills Road, Reston, VA 20190

James Emery
Powhatan District Committee

On this page you will find the names of Scouters who have been recognized for their service to their unit, or to the brotherhood of Scouting in our community.

Service to Powhatan District

Committee Key

Nancy Bentley (2018)
John O’Connell (2018)

Commissioner Certificate of Commendation

John Becker (2018)
Roger Claff (2017)
Ken Feng (2018)
Chris Gohrband (2017)
David Jobson (2018)
Wally Krupkowski (2018)
Nancy Nunan (2018)
Justine Podolny (2017)
Jeff Smith (2018)

District Award of Merit

Morgan Bentley (2018)
Roger Claff (2005)
John Colwell (2012)
George Costigan, Jr.
Michael Dudzik (2018)
Inge  Gedo (2013)
Chris Gohrband (2008)
Sara Holtz (2017)
Stephen Housley (2005)
Nancy Jensen (2017)
Kathryn King (2017)
Larry Lawver (2016)
Mark Longworth (2007)
Adrian Morgan (2017)
James (JP) Morgan (2014)
Ted Parker (2008)
Justine Podolny (2015)
David Rockwell (2018)
Thomas Scott (2017)
B. J. Silvey (2004)
Christopher Takacs (2018)

Doctorate of Commissioner Science

Mark Longworth (2018)

Silver Beaver

David Adams (2004)
Larry Alleva (2008)
Nancy Bentley (2015)
Roger Claff (2013)
Brent Clarke III (1998)
George Costigan, Jr. (2009)
James Devine (2011)
Jay  Eidson (2018)
John Epler (2010)
Ken Feng (2018)
Meg Gentges (1991)
Jack Gerard (2005)
Stephen Housley (2012)
Steve Housley (2011)
Sheridan Kramer (2011)
Renne Kreutter (2011)
Bob Leggett, Jr. (1991)
Mark  Longworth (2014)
John Lyver IV (2000)
Robert MacKichan (2010)
Donnie Marshall (2001)
Stu Mendelsohn (2004)
James (JP) Morgan (2018)
John O’Connell (2017)
Gary Pan (2017)
Mike Pocalyko (2002)
Catherine Pressler (2003)
Rick Rappoport (1999)
Craig Reichow (2001)
Dean Rohrbaugh (1994)
Todd Rowley (2012)
Gregg Schwarz (2000)
George Shefflett (2012)
B. J. Silvey (2007)
John Stone (2008)
Ted Tempel (2006)
Bill Tirrell, Sr. (2005)
Bob Vaughn (2005)
James Volmer (2011)

Service in Support of Units (Commissioner Awards)


Eric Bullock (2017)
Roger Claff (2012)
George Costigan, Jr.
Chris Gohrband (2009)
Stephen Housley
Nancy Jensen (2017)
Wally Krupkowski (2006)
Larry Lawver (2012)
Mark Longworth (2008)
Ted Parker (2005)
Justine Podolny (2014)
Paul Reinke (2017)
B. J. Silvey (1980)

Commissioner Key

Eric Bullock (2018)
Roger Claff (2012)
George Costigan, Jr.
Chris Gohrband (2009)
Stephen Housley
Nancy Jensen (2017)
Larry Lawver (2016)
Mark Longworth (2009)
Ted Parker (2012)
Justine Podolny (2014)
Paul Reinke (2017)
Bruce Roberts (2018)
B. J. Silvey (1986)

NCAC Outstanding Commissioner Award

Roger Claff (2010)
George Costigan, Jr.
Chris Gohrband (2011)
Glen Goold
Stephen Housley (2011)
Nancy Jensen
Larry Lawver (2016)
Mark Longworth (2013)
Brian Meny (2018)
Ted Parker
Justine Podolny (2018)
Paul Reinke (2018)
Bruce Roberts
B. J. Silvey (2010)

Distinguished Commissioner Service Award

Roger Claff (2012)
George Costigan, Jr.
Chris Gohrband (2012)
Stephen Housley
Mark Longworth (2012)
Ted Parker
Bruce Roberts (2018)
B. J. Silvey (1993)
B. J. Silvey (2008)
Bill Stringham (2018)

Commissioner Award of Excellence in Unit Service

Mark Longworth (2018)
Paul Reinke (2018)

Unit Leader Awards

Unit Leader Award of Merit

Glenn Prickett – Troop 673 (2018)
Rahul Radhakrishnan – Troop 160 (2017)
David Rockwell – Pack 913 (2018)

Commissioners Award

Daniel Abramson – Pack 1540 (2017)
Rob Albritton – Troop 160 (2017)
Gayle Allain – Troop 157 (2017)
Gayle Allain – Troop 157 (2018)
Dan Ambrose – Pack 1160 (2018)
Elizabeth Anne – Crew 160 (2018)
John Barr – Crew 1577 (2017)
John Barr – Troop 1577 (2018)
David Cahoon – Troop 1530 (2017)
Monique Chimento – Pack 1169 (2018)
Kip Chism – Troop 2501 (2017)
Camilo Cifuentes – Pack 885 (2017)
Caridad Cifuentes – Pack 885 (2017)
Laura Cohen – Pack 1570 (2018)
Doug Disinger – Troop 1577 (2017)
Sam Doan – Crew 1577 (2018)
Scott Durham – Troop 1570 (2017)
Matthew Ebert – Pack 1165 (2017)
Jim Emery – Crew 1018 (2017)
Martha Ethington – Pack 826 (2018)
Kathleen Foley – Troop 673 (2018)
Kent Fullerton – Pack 157 (2017)
Jack Graham – Troop 12 (2017)
Connie Hagewood – Pack 12 (2017)
Kingspride Hammond – Troop 2501 (2018)
Dominique Hart – Pack 1570 (2017)
Chris Harvey – Crew 1570 (2017)
Rob Henry – Pack 913 (2017)
Dan Hippe – Troop 1983 (2017)
Leslie Hutchens – Pack 1577 (2017)
Leslie Hutchens – Pack 1577 (2018)
Steve Jancich – TrooPack 1018 (2018)
Mark Jensen – Troop 878 (2017)
Mori Jensen – Pack 841 (2017)
Kathy Joyner – Troop 1313 (2017)
Karl Kropp – TrooPack 159 (2018)
Jodi Kuwashima – Pack 160 (2018)
Alexis Long – Pack 1169 (2017)
Nick Manetto – Pack 913 (2018)
Rob Markin – Pack 160 (2017)
Jeffrey Nielsen – TrooPack 878 (2018)
Amy Paladini – Pack 673 (2018)
Todd Parker – Troop 913 (2017)
Lawrence Paul – Troop 160 (2018)
Holly Reavill – Pack 659 (2017)
Patricia Rossini – Pack 1540 (2018)
Chris Smith – Troop 1970 (2018)
Ralph Smith – Pack 839 (2017)
David Spigarelli – Pack 877 (2017)
Gretchen Strauss – Crew 158 (2017)
Shannon Taylor – Troop 1530 (2018)
Ross Wagner – Pack 878 (2017)
Nicole Wickenheiser – Pack 157 (2018)
Al Wilhelm – Pack 1164 (2017)
Cathy Wilkins – Pack 32 (2017)
Cathy Wilkins – Pack 32 (2018)
Vince Williams – Troop 20 (2018)

Unit Scouter Award

Candace Alamilla – Pack 12 (2017)
Dan Ambrose – Pack 1160 (2017)
Rajesh Anandakrishnan – Troop 160 (2018)
Jason Anderson – Troop 157 (2018)
Gabrielle Aucella – Crew 1570 (2017)
Andrew Badgely – Pack 1169 (2017)
Andrew Badgley – Pack 1169 (2018)
Ellen Bartola – Pack 913 (2017)
Robbie Clair – Troop 12 (2017)
Markus Cleverley – Troop 877 (2018)
Larry Corey – Troop 1970 (2017)
Dwight D. – Troop 1983 (2018)
Paul Devine – Crew 1577 (2017)
Benjamin Eliason – Pack 877 (2017)
Rebecca Estrada – Pack 841 (2017)
Joseph Farrington – Troop 1530 (2018)
Sean Flood – Troop 839 (2017)
Laurence Foong – Troop 159 (2018)
Phillip Freeman – Crew 1577 (2018)
Jeremy Fudge – Troop 159 (2017)
Katherine Genest – Troop 1570 (2018)
Jeremy Harrington – Pack 659 (2017)
Chris Harvey – Troop 1570 (2017)
Jennifer Herd – Troop 1530 (2017)
Crystal Hinman – Pack 878 (2018)
David Hulka – Pack 1577 (2017)
Jared Hull – Pack 1165 (2017)
Hunter Hutchens – Pack 1577 (2018)
Randy Jones – Pack 1160 (2018)
Steve Kapushoc – Pack 1570 (2017)
Jeffrey Kraatz – Crew 158 (2017)
Jim Lampe – Pack 160 (2017)
Enrique Lara – Pack 32 (2017)
Enrique Lara – Pack 32 (2018)
Ben Lindorf – Troop 841 (2017)
Elvis Machado – Troop 885 (2017)
Nancy Mahdessian – Pack 673 (2017)
William Malyszka – Pack 157 (2017)
Marina Matthes – Troop 1313 (2017)
Louisa Mattozzi – Troop 1970 (2018)
Ed Medvid – Troop 1577 (2017)
Ed Medvid – Troop 1577 (2018)
Mia Millman – Troop 157 (2017)
Diane Morris – Troop 913 (2017)
Elena Murgu – Crew 160 (2018)
Chris Nelson – Pack 157 (2018)
Ted Nelson – Troop 1983 (2017)
Glenn Prickett – Troop 673 (2018)
Merwyn Reeves – Troop 2501 (2018)
Todd Rossini – Pack 1540 (2018)
Steven Savage – Pack 1577 (2017)
David Shacochis – Troop 124 (2018)
Greg Skidmore – Pack 160 (2018)
David Spigarelli – Pack 877 (2018)
Mike Stevens – Troop 839 (2017)
Tom Sziede – Pack 1570 (2018)
Christopher Takacs – Troop 1257 (2018)
Stephanie Tamashiro – Pack 839 (2017)
Christine Turgeon – Pack 913 (2018)
Diana Turnbow – Pack 826 (2018)
Chris Voidka – Troop 839 (2017)
Michael Walkup – Troop 1165 (2017)
Brian Washington – Troop 2501 (2017)
Jeff Wiley – Troop 878 (2018)
John Wolsborn – Troop 160 (2017)
Chelle Youmans – Crew 1018 (2017)
Ross Young – Troop 878 (2017)


BSA chartered units may participate in approved fundraising projects provided BSA Rules and Regulations and guidelines are followed. These help ensure the safety of all participants, the quality of the product or service and avoids commercialization of BSA.  Units conducting such an activity must submit a Unit Money-Earning Application (Form No. 34427) for approval by the chartered organization and their local BSA council prior to holding an activity.

BSA has issued a 15 page Fundraising Policies and Procedures Manual which describes the rules and regulations for conducting fundraising activities to accomplish the above objectives and ensure that fundraising is planned and coordinated using sound fundraising principles.  It addresses the policies concerning contributions, fundraising, advertising, commercialism, use of the uniform, gambling, local council control, unit money-earning projects, pyramid sales, products sales, Scouting public display activities and raising funds. Unit leaders are strongly encouraged to read the manual prior to running a money-earning activity.

The BSA Unit Money-Earning Application (Form No. 34427) serves as the means for obtaining project fundraising approval and complying with the BSA rules, regulations and guidelines.  It consists of an application format that fully describes the proposed fundraising project and provides for approval by the unit leader, unit committee chair, the chartered organization representative, and the District or Council Finance Committee.  The form can be downloaded from the BSA web site.

The reverse side of the form contains the eight guidelines for unit money-earning projects to assist in completing the application and to ensure compliance with BSA rules and regulations.  All unit fundraisers must obtain written approval from the local council no less than 14 days before committing to the fundraising activity.

Before any person in your unit signs a contract, he or she must make sure the venture is legitimate and worthy.  If a contract is signed, he or she is personally responsible.  A contract cannot be signed on behalf of the local council or the Boys Scouts of America, nor may an individual bind the chartered organization without its written authorization.

BSA units are strongly encouraged to participate in existing BSA and NCAC fundraising activities such as Popcorn sales and CampCards which already meet BSA rules and regulations and are designed to support both unit activities and individual Scout financial needs.


Form No. 34427 – BSA Unit Money Earning Application
BSA Fundraising Policies and Procedures Manual

Updated: November 7, 2018 SK

November 8 2018 – Local Arrow of Light Scouts
had a great time learning about Troops they can join at this year’s Powhatan District Webelos Mall.  Troops setup tables, trade show style, and featured displays of their activities and adventures, as well as photos and videos.

Some came equipped with candy to share with prospective members, and lucky Scouters who happened to pass by. One even brought a fully functional marshmallow-shooting mini-catapult – built with well crafted square lashes – check out those first-class scouting skills! How could anyone not want to join up.

If you missed the Webelos Mall, but know an Arrow of Light Scout, or other individual, who is currently looking for a troop to visit or join, check out our directory for units, locations and contact information. If you have questions about membership, joining, or recruiting, contact Liz Bullock (, Powhatan’s own membership expert!

The local Scouts BSA community gathered this week to celebrate the values of great citizenship, and to honor several individuals for their service to others.  At this year’s Good Scout Dinner, the Powhatan District honorees included Scouts from Reston, Herndon, and Chantilly and Former Director of National Intelligence, Lt. General James Clapper (Retired).  Each of these individuals were recognized for their varied and unique contributions to our community, nation and world.

Honoree Jacob James (Reston Troop 124),   organized a collection of clothing and other physical relief items for individuals in some of India’s most impoverished communities.  Adit Kolli (Herndon Troop 1577) led the creation of a therapeutic sensory room for special needs students at Reston’s Armstrong Elementary School.  William Legg (Chantilly Troop 160) organized and conducted a pet food drive for the Humane Society.  John Foong (Herndon Troop 159) planned and organized an education campaign, and related activities, to raise awareness and help mitigate the detrimental impact of invasive plants on our local environment.

Adult honoree James Clapper reflected on his lifetime of service to our nation.  In his remarks, General Clapper noted how wearing a Cub Scout uniform at an early age reinforced his personal sense of civic pride and responsibility.  He also praised the significant contributions of the evening’s youth honorees.   Scouting BSA’s local District Chair, Inge Gedo, reflected on the breadth and impact of Scouting’s activities in our community.  The evening offered an opportunity to highlight the contributions of Scouts in our area.

Scouts BSA Troop 158 Colorguard, Ethan Meny, Dakota Meny, Christian Schopp, Ethan Dorn (left to right)

Left to Right:  Jacob James (Reston Troop 124), William Legg (Chantilly Troop 160), John Foong (Herndon Troop 159), Adit Kolli (Herndon Troop 1577).

Adult honoree Lt. General James Clapper (center) with family of youth honoree Adit Kolli.

Scout Ethan Dorn during opening ceremony.