BSA Unit Money-Earning Project Guidelines

BSA chartered units may participate in approved fundraising projects provided BSA Rules and Regulations and guidelines are followed. These help ensure the safety of all participants, the quality of the product or service and avoids commercialization of BSA.  Units conducting such an activity must submit a Unit Money-Earning Application (Form No. 34427) for approval by the chartered organization and their local BSA council prior to holding an activity.

BSA has issued a 15 page Fundraising Policies and Procedures Manual which describes the rules and regulations for conducting fundraising activities to accomplish the above objectives and ensure that fundraising is planned and coordinated using sound fundraising principles.  It addresses the policies concerning contributions, fundraising, advertising, commercialism, use of the uniform, gambling, local council control, unit money-earning projects, pyramid sales, products sales, Scouting public display activities and raising funds. Unit leaders are strongly encouraged to read the manual prior to running a money-earning activity.

The BSA Unit Money-Earning Application (Form No. 34427) serves as the means for obtaining project fundraising approval and complying with the BSA rules, regulations and guidelines.  It consists of an application format that fully describes the proposed fundraising project and provides for approval by the unit leader, unit committee chair, the chartered organization representative, and the District or Council Finance Committee.  The form can be downloaded from the BSA web site.

The reverse side of the form contains the eight guidelines for unit money-earning projects to assist in completing the application and to ensure compliance with BSA rules and regulations.  All unit fundraisers must obtain written approval from the local council no less than 14 days before committing to the fundraising activity.

Before any person in your unit signs a contract, he or she must make sure the venture is legitimate and worthy.  If a contract is signed, he or she is personally responsible.  A contract cannot be signed on behalf of the local council or the Boys Scouts of America, nor may an individual bind the chartered organization without its written authorization.

BSA units are strongly encouraged to participate in existing BSA and NCAC fundraising activities such as Popcorn sales and CampCards which already meet BSA rules and regulations and are designed to support both unit activities and individual Scout financial needs.


Form No. 34427 – BSA Unit Money Earning Application
BSA Fundraising Policies and Procedures Manual

Updated: November 7, 2018 SK