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Summer Activities & Events

What are you doing this summer? How does hiking, camping, sports, kayaking, or another activity with your Scouting friends sound?  Don’t have a friend in Scouting?  Invite one to join and sign-up for a great outdoor adventure!

Cub Scout Day Camp

How was Powhatan Daycamp 2019? In a word, great!  Click here to learn more about this year’s camp experience from Powhatan’s own Day Camp program director, Dan Ambrose.

Missed the fun this year? Watch this space for information on Cub Scout Summer Day Camp 2020!

Scouts BSA High Adventure

Find a mountain peak to call your own, canoe and splash through the northern boundary waters, sail the gulf currents of southern Florida, or take on the wilds of West Virginia on a Scouting High Adventure. The choices are many but the summer is short.  Click to learn more.