District Court of Honor

The Annual District Recognition Event

The Powhatan District Court of Honor and District Dinner is an opportunity for your unit to display its deep appreciation for the hard work and dedication of its volunteers and leaders.  Who in your unit is deserving of recognition?  There are many in each unit.  Each year there are several awards from which to choose and nominate deserving volunteers.  The unit scouter of the year award (for a volunteer in each unit), the unit commissioner award (for a volunteer in each unit), and any other awards your unit would like to announce and award at this event.  Each unit will have the opportunity to announce its recipients and having them be recognized by the district.

2019 District Court of Honor

Thursday, May 2, 2019 we will enjoy our annual District Court of Honor at the Herndon United Methodists Church, 701 Bennett Street, Herndon, Va.  We will begin at 6:00pm with a social hour.  At 7:00pm we will enjoy dinner followed by a variety of unit, district and national awards. The event registration page can be found at:   https://scoutingevent.com/082-27408 .

Nominations for Awards

Please fill out and submit the forms below to nominate deserving volunteers.  Ideally, we’d like to have the 2019 nominations by March 31st, but we will take them up to the April Roundtable on April 11th.  There should be only one Unit Scouter of the Year nomination submitted for each unit. All the nominations for the Commissioner Award for an outstanding unit volunteer will be considered by the Commissioner, who will decide among them.  The nominations for these two awards to unit scouters must be submitted electronically through the links below.

Commissioner Awards Form

 Unit Leader Award Form

Introducing the Fretwell Outstanding Educator Award

We are also accepting nominations for a new award:  BSA’s Fretwell Outstanding Educator Award. This award is not for a BSA volunteer, but for an educator who sets a scout-like example for students and positively impacts the lives of students and teaches them to make good choices. This reinforces the mission of the BSA to prepare young people to make ethical choices and moral choices over their lifetimes.  Anyone can nominate a teacher, staff, or administrator from their local school by using the nomination form in the attached link. The District Chair will notify the award winners, invite them to the dinner, and notify the nominators as well who can help to present the award at the dinner. The nomination form is on page 9 at  Fretwell Outstanding Educator Award Implementation Guidebook. For the Fretwell award, the nominator should answer the following questions in the free text space provided in addition to the other information requested on page 9:

(1)   Please tell us how this teacher, staff member, or administrator prepares students to make ethical and moral choices.  Be specific as you can.

(2)   What positive characteristics of the candidate stand out to you, and how has the candidate impacted the lives of students?

(3)   How has the candidate improved the culture of the school, and how is the candidate a model of ethical and moral values?