Communication Resources

Regular communication helps keep Scouts, parents and the community engaged and interested in your unit’s program.  But determining how best to reach out, and putting your best foot forward is complicated in an age of 24-7 online communication.  It also can take time to reach out, so it is understandable why many leaders view it as less important when planning activities.

Unfortunately, planning activities without fully considering communication can negatively affect your unit’s program.  Scouts and their families are more likely to participate actively, and get greater value, when fully engaged.  Great communication catches their attention, generates excitement, and promotes greater participation.   It magnifies the impact of your efforts to plan and carryout worthwhile Scouting adventures!

Whether adult leaders are using social media, monthly newsletters, or emails to share with parents, or trying to encourage older Scouts to share the fun and excitement of your unit’s adventures (think Troop Historian), this resources page will help you make the most of your unit’s communications!

NCAC Marketing Toolbox
Find useful tools and information for outreach and communication on this page created by NCAC’s Marketing and Communication committee.  [ More]

NCAC Social Media Webinar
Check out this webinar (April 2019), hosted by NCAC, about using of social media.  Available tools, rules and techniques are covered, and you can hear about it all over the course of an hour or so.  To jump into the heart of the content, start at minute 19. [ Listen to the Webinar]