Friends of Scouting

Thank you for all your leadership bringing the promise of Scouting to our area youth.


We need you to also lead by example and make your investment in our youth by making your Friends of Scouting contribution for 2019 this month and helping your District FoS Chair schedule presentations for all units in your District.


The National Capital Area Council serves more than 58,000 Scouts in over 1,400 units in Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, and the US Virgin Islands, all with 100% local funding.  Although the council brings in 42% of its income from Camp and Activities, 82% of its expenses are program. We help make up that difference in popcorn sales and in Friends of Scouting contributions.


NCAC supports two great Scout reservations, Goshen and Snyder, as well as all of our district and council activities, and service to the units in the form of training, program materials, the website, council office and Scout Shop, liability coverage, accident and sickness insurance, camperships, and our district executives and other council staff.

Unfortunately for our 2018 Friends of Scouting, we are nearly $250,000 short of our goal which negatively affects our the overall 2018 budget for NCAC. This potentially translates to less building upgrades, delayed facility/equipment maintenance, and less direct support to units and events.


We would like to provide every family in your District the opportunity to also invest in our local area Scouts.  The 2019 appeal starts with training of unit FOS Chairs, setting unit goals, and setting a date for unit presentations.


The timeline for all activities is:

Nov – Set date for unit presentations

Dec – District kickoff and orientation training

Dec – Unit presentations begin

Jan – Mar – Complete all unit presentations, award thank you gifts, turn in contributions

Apr – Conduct unit follow ups