Messengers of Peace Program (MOP)

In 2023 BSA’s International Committee revamped the Messengers of Peace Program (MOP), in alignment with World Organization of the Scout Movement – WOSM. MOP aims to promote a culture of peace and dialogue for mutual understanding, promote service initiatives led by Scouts, support the development of young people affected by conflict situations, provide further connection to the UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and connect Scouts around the world in a global network of 20 million Messengers of Peace.

WOSM has defined Three Dimensions within which we can build a culture of peace and create positive change in our world today:

• Personal – it starts with a personal commitment. When Scouts understand their role as individuals, and the impact of their individual actions to develop a Culture of Peace in their community; then Scouts will seek to develop skills, to acquire useful knowledge, and to become role models for others.

• Community Based – it starts in your local community. Scouts assume an active role and engage in identifying community issues, taking the first step to present ideas and solutions to improve the situation in the local environment.

• Collective Result – it happens when people collaborate. Scouts promote a global sense of friendship, international cooperation and understanding, to foster the discovery of new perspectives, exchange of ideas to address local community issues, and to invite others to work together unifying resources to pursue

We encourage all Units to actively promote MOP projects at the various levels offered by the program, both for individuals as well as collectively for the Unit. For further information see: