International Committee

Our Mission is to enrich the program of National Capital Area Council Scouts and Venturers by enhancing their awareness of international Scouting, and by promoting contact with Scouts of other countries. The International Committee meets every other month on the third Thursday at 7:30 pm at the Marriott Scout Service Center.

Got a question about International Scouting? Participation in the World Jamboree? Units from outside the United States looking for support? Reach out to IR.NCAC.JE@GMail.Com. For more information on the Jamboree click the link below….

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International Events for NCAC

International Newsletter
Jamboree on the Air / Jamboree on the Internet

International Scouting Resources
Earn the International Spirit Award
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World Conservation Award


 International Committee Five-Year Plan

Approved March 20, 2014

Enrich the program of National Capital Area Council Scouts and Venturers by enhancing their awareness of international Scouting, and by promoting contacts with Scouts of other countries.

Objectives and Specific Tasks

Objective 1:  Promote the earning of international Scouting awards.

  • Encourage Scouts and Scouters to earn the International Spirit Award, and monitor the number earned.
  • Encourage Scouters to earn the International Scouter’s Award and Interpreter Strips
  • Encourage Scouts to earn the Citizenship in the World Merit Badge, Cub Scouts to earn the Language and Culture Belt Loop and Academics Pin, and all Scouts to earn Interpreter Strips.
  • Familiarize districts with other international Scouting or related awards such as Messengers of Peace Award and World Conservation Award.
  • Promote international requirements in Wood Badge tickets.

Objective 2:  Provide opportunities for council Scouts and Venturers to interact firsthand with Scouts and Scouting programs of other countries.

  • Promote participation by council Scouts in Jamboree-on-the-Air (JOTA), Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI), and the “Permanent Digital Jamboree”.
  • Plan and execute annual International Scouting Days involving Scouts at local foreign Embassies.
  • Plan and execute NCAC-sponsored international trips for Scouts and Venturers.
  • Publish and maintain the council’s Guidelines for International Trips with Scouts and Venturers.
  • Promote attendance at World Jamborees and other international Scouting jamborees.
  • Conduct competitions to select council Scouts and Venturers to participate in international events.
  • Promote World Scout Scarf Day on Facebook for council Scouts and Scouters.

Objective 3:  Host Scouts and Scouters visiting from other countries.

  • Develop a list of NCAC Scout units and families willing to host visiting foreign Scouts and Scouters as needed.
  • Provide home hospitality for visiting foreign Scouts and Scouters in accordance with its established hosting policy. 

Objective 4:  Enhance international Scouting awareness through displays and presentations.

  • Present an attractive international activities display at the council Pow Wow and other appropriate council events.
  • Present a class and/or display on International Scouting at the Commissioner College.
  • Present a class and/or display on International Scouting at the University of Scouting.
  • Encourage each district to discuss international Scouting at least once during the year.

 Objective 5:  Publish international Scouting information in a wide class of media.

  • Continue to publish a monthly International Committee newsletter that promotes awareness of International Scouting.
  • Continue to publish a regular segment on International Scouting in NCAC’s print newsletter The Scouter Digest.
  • Submit articles on International Scouting to Scouts’ Life and Scouting magazines.
  • Maintain attractive and informative International web-pages on the council website.

Objective 6:  Encourage financial contributions to approved organizations that support international Scouting.

  • Promote collections within districts for the World Friendship Fund.
  • Advocate becoming a Baden-Powell Fellow or member of the Order of the Condor.

 Objective 7:  Expand the number of council Scouters involved in international Scouting.

  • Encourage each district to establish and fill a district committee position for International Scouting, and ensure that its incumbent participates as a member of the International Committee.
  • Encourage participation in the International Scouting Conference at the Philmont Training Center.

Objective 8:  Manage the NCAC International Fund

  • Raise money for the NCAC International Fund, to leverage previous large personal donations, as an endowment to support Scout scholarships to World Jamborees and, eventually, additional international jamborees.
  • Select Scouts based on established criteria to receive scholarships from the NCAC International Fund to attend World Jamborees and set up appropriate displays there reflecting United States culture.
  • Administer expenditures from the NCAC International Fund in accordance with by-laws established for this purpose.



  • Mission:  An enduring statement of the organization’s reason for being, changing infrequently if at all.
  • Objective:  A major function or goal of the organization, necessary or desirable to the accomplishment of the mission, generally current for the 5-year life of the business plan.
  • Specific Task:  A clearly defined undertaking, sometimes with a tangible deliverable by a specified deadline, often changing from year to year, that directly supports an objective.