Announcing Internet Advancement 2.0

The BSA announced they will soon be releasing Internet Advancement 2.0 (formerly referred to as “Scoutbook Lite”).  This will impact all Packs, Troops, Crews, and Ships currently reporting advancement via Internet Advancement.  Exploring Posts will continue using Internet Advancement 1.0. This upgrade will provide a web based interface better designed to function on any platform, desktops, tablets, and smartphones.   

Internet Advancement 2.0 includes all of the features you have enjoyed in the past, including the ability to upload advancement files from your 3rd party unit products.  Contact your 3rd party vendor for more information.

Internet Advancement 2.0 will not use the Unit ID and shared password any longer.  Instead it will use the same Access Control system as My.Scouting and Scoutbook.  The unit Key3 (Charter Organization Representative, Committee Chair, & Unit Leader), Key3 Delegates, and Unit Advancement Chair listed in Organization Security Manager (My.Scouting) will be able to enter the Advancement updates.  We highly recommend that one of your unit Key3 go into Organization Security Manager right away to ensure that the unit Key3 are properly registered, and the unit Advancement Chair has been designated.

For more information, please check out the Internet Advancement Version 2.0 FAQ.