How to Use Social Media to Spread the Word About Scouts BSA

As the Scouts BSA program launches, it’s time to encourage everyone to use social media to spread the word about this incredible opportunity. 

You can start sharing right now with a few simple items like a Facebook frame, hashtags, and ready-to-post social content.

Be sure to use Scouts BSA social media images and videos from the BSA Brand Center, which have been tailored to social platforms, and direct people to or so they can learn more or join!

As a reminder, focus your social posts on the value of the programs of the Boy Scouts of America, and never criticize other youth activities/organizations or those who may not share your perspective.


Use the Scouts BSA “Scout Me In” Facebook profile frame to show off your excitement for the program.


Incorporate one or more of the hashtags below in short social posts about your troop’s open house, a positive personal Scouting experience, or why this opportunity is meaningful to your family.

  • #ScoutMeIn
  • #ScoutsBSA
  • #BeAScout
  • #BoyScoutsofAmerica



  • When it comes to adventure, you just have to get your feet wet. Scouts BSA will give your daughter the skills she’ll need to make waves in the world.
  • Scouts BSA will help your daughter see that nothing is impossible when you’re Prepared for Life. Learn more at
  • For the first time in Scouting history, your son OR daughter can earn the rank of Eagle Scout. Find a Scouts BSA troop near you at
  • Scouts BSA can give your daughter the tools she’ll need to succeed now and throughout her life. Find out more at
  • We’re inviting all boys and girls ages 11-17 to say “Scout Me In” to Scouts BSA! Experience fun and adventure while learning life skills and giving back to the community. To learn more, visit


Use these text options to complement photos of the incredible adventures Scouts BSA has to offer. You can find some great photos to use in the BSA Brand Center.

TIP: Instagram does not allow links in captions so be sure to add to your bio and reference it in your captions. Remember to use hashtags.

  • Sometimes the road less traveled isn’t a road.
  • It’s a big world. Explore it in Scouts BSA.
  • Scouting. It’s not just something I do. It’s something I am. #ScoutsBSA
  • Scouting is learning to be your best. #ScoutsBSA

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