NCAC Summer Climbing Update

We’ve had a positive response to the Top-Rope Kit, modularized training program, inter-troop Climbing Campouts and other program ideas developing over the the last two-years  Take a look at our most recent blog post for thoughts on how to develop rock climbing activities for your unit.

The Committee is also very interested in your feedback on other ideas to facilitate climbing programs for unit leaders.  Don’t hesitate to respond in the comments or reach out to us directly.

The committee continues to have concerns about communications and effective outreach with units.  We maintain content on this council website, but some leaders share they may not use this resource as actively.  All district camping coordinators are encouraged to encourage units to monitor the website for timely updates on inter-Troop climbing opportunities and other opportunities.

Many Scouters are very active using email, others only send texts.  Coordinating on inter-troop events can be difficult without a clear portal for contact.  We appreciate your suggestions on what you think would be best for both longer term and short-term planning.  For now the NCAC website comments are a great option.  Feel free to post your introduction!

Congrats to the Minute Man Council’s Climbing Committee for their leadership with a first class climbing program, deep volunteer base and even deeper experience and skills base for the instructional program.  We’ve been collaborating on an improved Question Bank and QUIZ for Level 1 and 2 instruction and instructor applicants can expect new upgrades on the climbNCAC instructor’s portal soon.  Thanks for all of the Minuteman Team’s feedback and work helping improve our instructional program.  We will videos and other instructional materials with an upgrade launch soon!

In the last few months we’ve had a number of new members jump on the climbNCAC instructor’s portal.  If you’re working through material at your own pace, don’t hesitate to ask questions or post in the many modules on the instructional site or here.  If you’re finishing the instructor’s quiz and ready to get some hands on practice or assessment, please contact James Miller or an instructional mentor team about scheduling a training or assessment.  We offer training and support year round on an ad hoc basis.  You may have to hike a little.. and even follow some harder lines than you’re used to climbing but we guarantee a great time!

James Miller

Climbing Committee Chair, NCAC