Scouts in the News: Muslim Scouts pursue an American tradition

The Washington Post featured an amazing article today that follows Scouts from the ADAMS Islamic Center as they go camping, work on merit badges, and discuss what it means to be Muslims in America.

From the article:

“Scouting embodies a tradition of self-reliance and social improvement that migrated from Britain more than a century ago. Norman Rockwell certified Scouting as all-American by painting dozens of scenes of apple-cheeked Scouts doing their good turns daily for the nation. As Scouting grew more diverse, it remained a place where words such as “character,” “citizenship” and “patriotism” were spoken without a blush….

To Muslim American parents, tapping into the patriotic tradition meant as much as the other incentives for putting kids in Scouts: getting them off the couch, offline and outdoors. The parents also thought Scouting complemented lessons of service, charity, good deeds and upright character taught in the Koran.”

Read the full article here.

NCAC is proud of the diversity of our members, adult leaders, and professional staff. We are committed to providing a welcoming environment to Scouts of all religions, ethnicity, orientations, and cultures. For the past several years, the members of our Council’s Islamic Committee on Scouting have collaborated with the Jewish Committee on Scouting to host an interfaith Pinewood Derby – and starting this year a Space Derby. This level of cheerful cooperation sets the example for our Scouts as they grow and develop into the next generation of American leaders.