Religious Relationships Committee

The Council Relationships Committee serves primarily to promote Scouting programs to all religious organizations within the territory of the council and encourage them to organize new Scouting units.

Purpose of the committee is to:

  • Coordinate the promotion of the use of Scouting by the various religious relationships committees.
  • Promote understanding and cooperation between the different religious faiths by creating opportunities for interfaith dialogue and advocacy
  • Sharing in the annual planning process of NCAC
  • Developing program designed to build bridges between faith communities
  • Promoting Scouting’s ideals of Reverence and Duty to God

NCAC Relationships Committee Chair- Rashid Abdullah- email 

NCAC Relationships Committee Staff Advisor is Jonathan Cartner, 301-214-9115.

Subcommittees and/or cooperating committees of the council relationships committee include the following religious groups, and may expand with interest and capability:

  • Catholic (Maryland and Washington DC Diocese)
    • Chris Murray, Chair- email
  • Catholic (Arlington Diocese)
    • Mark Kramer, Chair- email
  • Islamic
    • Ahsan Ullah, NCAC ICoS Representative – email
  • Jewish
    • Yehuda Katz, Chair- email 
  • Protestant
    • Mary Elizbeth-Castle- email

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