Charter Renewal

Notice: The 2020 Membership Fees have been changed. The new fees are:

  • $66 per youth in Cubs, Troops, Venturing, Sea Scouts
  • $42 Exploring youth
  • $42 for all adults
  • $75 for each unit a chartered organization charters

Read the 2021 Membership Fee Changes FAQ for further information.  Other NCAC Rechartering information is being updated.  Check back often for updates.

The 2020-2021 Charter Renewal Handbook is your guide to the annual recharter process. With the assistance of your unit commissioner, this book will lead your unit step by step through rechartering your unit.

2021 Charter Renewal Handbook – Final

Before beginning Internet Rechartering, read the handbook above, collect all member information, including new member applications with appropriate signatures. Consult the help and the tutorial and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for additional instructions on using Internet Rechartering.


NCAC Recharter Training Presentations

Charter Renewal update October 1 2020


What is a Charter?
In the BSA, a charter authorizes an organization to operate BSA Scouting units. It certifies the agreement between a chartered organization – an organization that agrees to utilize Scouting as a part of its service to youth– and the Boy Scouts of America, setting expectations for the quality of program to be delivered. Issuing a charter is one of the oldest traditions in Scouting.

Why is a charter renewed annually?
Charters are usually issued for a period of 1 year; hence, chartered organizations must submit an application to the Council annually to renew its charter. The requirement to renew a charter:

  • Fosters a formal, timely plan for regular dialogue between charter organization and BSA, and
  • Assures membership is current so Scouts can participate in Scouting activities and advance in rank.

What will I find in this handbook?
This Charter Renewal Handbook explains the timelines, key roles, major process steps, and common challenges. Use this handbook along with resources found on this page as well as the Internet Rechartering Tutorial, and your district’s commissioner staff to submit your Charter Renewal Application (CRA) on time and error free.

Who can I contact with specific questions? Contact your unit commissioner (UC) or your district’s charter renewal point of contract (POC) for help with charter renewal.  A list of districts POCs are found HERE.  If using Email, send a copy to:

Best wishes to all for a successful charter renewal season.

Rick Rogers
Council Commissioner

Charter renewal dates and time period

Units turn in charter renewal packets the month prior to the unit charter expiration month. The month to turn in packets previously varied by district; now all district units will renew in December. District’s charter renewal timelines are established to ensure packets are reviewed, corrected, and finalized prior to delivery to the district executive (DE) for scanning to the registrar. Access to the Unit Charter Renewal System (UCRS) or Internet Rechartering starts 90 days before and ends 30 days after the unit’s charter expiration date. In practical terms, units must accomplish the precursor activities before updating the charter using Internet Rechartering. Contact your UC to coordinate the date for the unit’s charter review meeting.

District units’ new charters will expire on 12/31/2021. 

UCRS or Internet Rechartering access will open on 10/1/2020. Unit rosters will be loaded into Internet Rechartering at that time. Once the unit begins to access Internet Rechartering, they should be careful with accepting BeAScout on-line applications to avoid cases when the member is only registered for the expiring year and not the new charter year. Download a copy of the online application before accepting it and be prepared to provide the copy of the application after Charter renewal if the member is not on the new roster. Alternatively, use paper applications and prepare to submit a copy with the charter renewal package and retain a copy until the member appears on the new Charter year roster.

Units turn in charter renewal packages in November 2020.

Youth Protection Training – An absolute must!

All registered adults take Youth Protection Training (YPT) at least every two years. If a volunteer’s YPT is not current at charter renewal, or if it expires any time during the charter renewal process, the volunteer cannot be registered. Successful districts and units separate YPT updates from charter renewal so that waiting for YPT completion does not delay renewal. Such units choose a month such as May and ask all adults to retake YPT if theirs expires within the next 12 months.  Units should not wait until it is time to renew the unit’s charter to make sure all YPT is current. Unit Key 3s must review their unit’s YPT status. Have all adults with expired YPT or YPT that will expire during charter renewal (expires before or 30 days after charter expiration) go to and take the training before starting the charter renewal process!  If needed, print and forward your updated YPT certificate to your Recharter Processor.

Special Note for Explorer Clubs

Internet Rechartering does not presently use the correct adult leader terminology for Explorer Clubs.  To renew an Explorer Club you will use the “Post” dropdown menu selection.  Your access code will let the system know you are renewing a Club. Register the Club Sponsor in the PCC (Post Committee Chair)  position and the first (or only) Associate Sponsor in the EA (Explorer Post Advisor) position.

Charter renewal package review and submittal procedure

Please turn in all charter renewal packets (CRA, Youth and Adult Applications, YPT certificates, the check and the Annual Charter Agreement) to your UC.

PLEASE DO NOT  take packages to the Marriott Scout Service Center!

Commissioners conduct a detailed review of all packages to ensure they can be processed expeditiously by the Registrar. The UC needs the complete Renewal Application, not merely the E-Z Report to conduct the review. The UC will contact the CC and RP to resolve issues as required.

After the UC’s review, packages are submitted to the DE via the DC to scan to the Registrar.

When the registrar processes charters for the new charter year, unit and member expiration dates are updated in Organization and Member Manager respectively.

District charter renewal points of contact

A list of District Charter Renewal points of contact is located here.

Unit rechartering forms

The following forms are available to assist units in the rechartering process.

The latest youth,adult, and transfer applications are downloadable at
Scouting Forms (BSA)

Forms for ALL Traditional Units – Packs, Troops, Teams, Crews, Ships

Exploring renewal forms