Adult Awards

Scouting offers lots of awards for adults who dedicate their time and energy in service to others. Is there a Scouter you would like to honor? Is there an award for which you qualify? Some of the more common possibilities are listed below.

For a more comprehensive list, and award applications, visit BSA’s Awards Central webpage.

Adult Religious Award
Cub Scout Den Leader Award.
Recognizes den leaders for 1 year of service and training objectives.
Unit Leader Award of Merit.
Recognizes Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, and Venturing Crew Advisors for at least 18 months of service, training and meeting quality program objectives.
Scouter’s Training Award.
Recognizes all registered adult volunteers who have severed at least 2 years of service in Packs, Troops, Crews, Ships, Roundtable Staff, or District Committee and has met training requirements.
Scouter’s Key.
Recognizes all registered adult volunteers who have severed at least 3 years of service as Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, Advisors, Skipper, Unit Commissioner, Roundtable Commissioner, District Commissioner/Assistant District Commissioner, Assistant District/Council Commissioner—Roundtable, Council Commissioner/Assistant Council Commissioner and has met training requirements.
Arrowhead Honor.
Recognizes commissioners who exhibit quality performance and leadership. (Unit Commissioner, Roundtable Commissioner, Assistant Roundtable Commissioner, District Commissioner, Assistant District Commissioner, Assistant District Commissioner — Roundtable, Council Commissioner, Assistant Council Commissioner, Assistant Council Commissioner — Roundtable, Area Commissioner, Regional Commissioner)
Distinguished Commissioner Service Award.
Recognizes the active service of Unit Commissioners, District Commissions, and commissioners for at least 5 years and in meeting other quality and training criteria.