Steve Downs

Please join us in honoring the memory of Steven Downs, Scouter and advocate for Scouts having special needs.

For 17 years (2000 – 2017), Steve was the Scoutmaster of Troop 12, the Powhatan District’s troop for scouts with special needs.  He was the father of Joe Downs, a scout with special needs who remained in Troop 12 from the start up until Steve’s recent departure.

Steve was a friend, a mentor, and a shining light for all who knew him. A man who lived the Oath and Law every day, he is recognized for an untiring devotion to the scouts he served.  His influence on scouts both with special needs and without was, is, and remains a priceless gift.

Steve was a man of boundless energy and optimism.  The essence of Steve to me was his smile, his laugh, and his firm handshake, together constituting the way he greeted everyone, every day.  He gave so much joy to so many youth and so many families.

Troop 12 will soldier on without Steve, but with heavy hearts.  He never wanted any fuss made about him, and he resisted all attempts at recognition and appreciation.  Nevertheless, we are compelled to honor one of Powhatan District’s finest Scouters.  In recognition of the impact you have had on all our lives, we thank you.  We will miss you so very much.