2018 Eagle Scouts

Please join the District’s leadership in recognizing the outstanding work of the following scouts for having earned the Eagle rank, this year. Congratulations, Scouts, for your remarkable achievement.

Scout Unit Project
Nicholes M. Angel Troop 1313 Dispearing Fountain
Benjamin B. Barbee Troop 51 Technology Fair
Ethan S. Barr Troop 1577 Wood Shed Construction
Jordon M. Bell Troop 55 Replace Flower Boxes/Built Picnic Table
Dominic T. Berry Troop 158 Gaga Pit Armfield Farm Neighborhood
Paul W. Broome Troop 1983 Outdoor Sanctary Platform
Jonathan T. Bugge Troop 55 Constructed 80′ Walkway,
Wolf Trap NP
Lucas K. Burt Troop 20 Storm Drain Labeling
Benjamin T. Cage Troop 1257 Book Drive & Crate Construction
William A. Carlitti Troop 913 Get Spec-n-Span Embry Shelter
Sean P. Casey Troop 51 Vienna Community Garden
Angus Chang Troop 158 Trail Paving
Ellanor C. Lawrence Park
Kameron P. Choe Troop 51 Food /Supplies Drive for Cornerstone
Jack D. Edgemond Troop 1018 Beautifing Haley Smith Park Herndon
Matthew J. Evans Troop 10 Sports Equiptment Drive
Jared K. Filipour Troop 51 Girl Scout Camp Crowell
Joseph T. Fogleson Troop 1570 Flag Day Observence ALP 187
Carson D. Frutchey Troop 1313 Track Shed Improvement
Norris L. Gallagher Troop 1313 Beautification of Cartervoille Baptist Church
Michael A. Gloss Troop 1530 Herndon Masoic Lodge Improvement
Gregory M. Hadley Troop 1577 Expanded Garden at Armstrong ES
Jonathan N. Harman Troop 1165 Outdoor Classroom
Quintin R. Harter Troop 1257 Bluebird Box Construction & Installation
Ryan Hill Troop 157 HUMC Shed Renovation
Nicholas G. Hodge Troop 55 Terraced Steps Christ the King LC
Benjamin L. Hunt Troop 1018 Trail Conservation Scotts Run
Thomas A. Hutchens Troop 1570 Kingston Chase Earth Day 2018
Arnav N. Jadhav Troop 160 Fencing Wetland & Removal of plants
Jacob M. James Troop 124 Clothing Drive/Vacation BS, India
Nolan R. Jones Troop 1983 Sully Trail Improvements
Keaweimoku E. Kaloi Troop 893 Track Fill Terrasst E/S
Neal W.G. Kelly Troop 673 Two Little Free Libraries GF
Cabell J. Kendall Troop 160 Installation of Mesh Com. Garden
Brad F. Kim Troop 1018 Added Benches at Spring Hill E/S
Daniel E. Koester Troop 1313 Erosion Control Lake Audubon
Thomas P. Lee Troop 913 Food & other item collection – homeless
David D.  Lee Troop 1983 Sully Historic Site Beautification
William M. Legg Troop 160 Pet Food Drive Humane Society Fx
Kenneth T. Mahieu Troop 160 Electronics Recycling Druve
Aleksandar Marjanovich Troop 673 Langley Boathouse Cleanup
Garrett R. Matthes Troop 1313 Comfort Cases
Isaac A. Mills Troop 51 Created Study Area & Revived a Trail
Bradley S. Mitchell Troop 1983 Raised Flower Bed
James J. Morris Troop 913 VFW Flag Drop-Off & Retirement
Satchi H. Moskoitz Troop 1313 Bee House Construction & Installion
Peter N. Newman Troop 160 Color Guard Flag Racks Ch/H/S
Aaron J. Palmer Troop 872 Community Garden Raised Bed
Joseph G. Parodi Troop 1018 Storm Drain Labeling
Carter A. Paulan Troop 160 Food Drive for Community of Faith
William Philipps Troop 158 Softball Practice Pitching Area
Spencer D. Philipps Troop 1570 Restoration of Snakeden Branch Trail
Benjamin T. Prickett Troop 673 Rain Garden GFUMC
Johnathan D. Prisciandaro Troop 158 Lanscaping Fox Mill E/S
Greyson W. Radcliffe Troop 1257 Railing, Ramps & Resurfacing FCPA
Manav B. Rahul Troop 160 Boot Brush Arrowhead Pk.
Fairfax Co.
Jesse R. Raphael Troop 1165 Meadowlaand Sun Dial
James R. Rau Troop 1018 Lanscaping Langley H/S
Stephen M. Rea Troop 1577 Added Benches at Spring Hill E/S
Abhinav K. Reddy Troop 1530 Trash Shed for Masonic Lodge Herndon
Thomas B. Rogers Troop 1257 Invasive Species Management
 Austin R. Sheridan Troop 158 Facing Up the Cain Branch Trail
Jay P. Shuey Troop 673 Great Falls Scavenger Hunt
John F. Speer Iv Troop 51 Swamp Trail Restoration
Matthew C. Stephens Troop 673 Bush Boxes GF
Blake G. Switzer Troop 160 Elevated Dog Beds Humane Society
Suchet Taori Troop 20 Meadow Restoration Reston HOA
Brsdley A. Thomas Troop 159 Little Free Library GF E/S
Jenner M. Toney Troop 1983 Built Shelves for OSRC
Ethan A. Velasquez Troop 913 Foo Bank Drive LINK
Prahaiad Venkateswaran Storm Drain Renovation
Alexander G. Vetter Troop 160 Telos Academy Garden Benches
Parker S. Waters Troop 839 Recreational Supplies Drive
Thomas J. Welch Crew 1018 Herndon Golf Course Beautification
Derek S. White Troop 51 Pollinator Garden St.JohnNewmann
Christopher M. Williams Troop 913 Soles for Souls Shoe Drive
Evan A. Wirth Troop 1577 Building Portable Green Creens
Alexander R. Yusman Troop 1257 Furry Friends Garden FaxCoAmShelter
Austin J. Zaita Troop 1983 Building Bird Houses Fairfax
Robert S. Zechman Troop 1018 Foot Bridge HOA McLean