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2018 Eagle Scouts

March 13, 2018

Please join the District’s leadership in recognizing the outstanding work of the following scouts for having earned the Eagle rank, this year. Congratulations, Scouts, for your remarkable achievement.

Scout Unit Project
Nicholas M. Angel Troop 1313 Disappearing Fountain
Benjamin B. Barbee Troop 51 Technology Fair
Jonathan T. Bugge Troop 55 Constructed an 80′ Walkway
Kameron P. Choe Troop 51 Food/Supply for Cornerstone
Jack D. Edgemond Troop 1018 Beautification, Haley Smith Park
Neal W.G. Kelly Troop 673 Two Little Free Libraries
William M. Legg Troop 160 Pet Food Drive, Humane Society
Issac A. Mills Troop 51 Created a Study Area. Revived a Trail
Bradley S. Mitchell Troop 1983 Raised Flower Bed
Aaron J. Palmer Troop 872 Community Garden, Raised Flower Bed
William Phillips Troop 158 Softball Practice Pitching Area
Benjamin Prickett Troop 673 Rain Garden
Greyson W. Radcliffe Troop 1257 Railing, Ramps, Resurfacing – FCPA
Austin R. Sheridan Troop 158 Fencing on Cain Branch Trail
Matthew C. Stephens Troop 673 Bush Boxes
Suchet Taori Troop 20 Meadow Restoration (HOA)
Robert S. Zechman Troop 1018 Foot Bridge (HOA)