Membership Committee

We all want Scouting to continue to inspire youth to live lives of leadership and service for generations to come.

National Capital Area Council’s Membership Committee is here to help make that possible. We provide the tools, training and other resources you need to recruit new members and introduce them to the world of Scouting.

Membership Committee News

Our Council’s Membership Committee meets quarterly. Membership meetings are held at the Marriott Scout Service Center with call in options. 

Location: Marriott Scout Service Center, 9190 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20814

Time: 7:00 – 8:30 PM

Have you hosted a recruiting event yet?

It’s never too late to get families excited about Scouting! Our Packs do amazing things, so let’s be sure they let everyone know with a Join Scout Night and year round recruiting!

District Commissioners, District Chairs, Membership Chairs ACCs, AVPs and professional staff have packages with great items that help get new families excited about joining Scouts. Need additional supplies? Work through your District Executive and they will make sure you have the supplies needed to have a successful recruiting event. 


Training is available to help your unit run a successful Join Scout Night! To attend a training contact your District Membership Chair or local District Executive. 

2021 Membership Recruitment Seminar

2021 NCAC Unit Guide 


The Membership Committee has a wide range of resources available to help in your recruitment efforts. These include:

Membership Toolkit

The Membership Toolkit is organized into the following folders for your convenience:

Click to Access the Tool Kit

  • Applications: Applications for youth and adults, BSA medical forms, position codes and position descriptions.
    • Click HERE to access the Applications Toolkit.
  • General resources: Documents for each of BSA’s programs
    • Click HERE to access the General Resources Toolkit.
  • New Unit Creation: The Charter Agreement, New Unit Application, Custom Unit Number Form, Flag Form, and applications for youth and adults.
    • Click HERE to access the New Unit Creation Toolkit.

Common Mistakes When Submitting Applications 

  • Missing signatures and/or initials
  • Missing SSN *Adult Applications
  • Missing position code / position description *Adult Applications
  • Missing unit type and number
  • Missing BSA ID number (For “multiple” and/or “transfer” applications)
  • Missing YPT certificate *Adult Applications
  • Missing signed disclosure form (background check) *Adult Applications
  • Missing references *Adult Applications
  • Unit membership account at NCAC has insufficient funds
  • Applications must be legible and dark (no fading ink when printing)