Commissioner Corner

Our District Commissioner is Thomas Price.

Bridging the Gap Through Unit Service

Unit service means ensuring every member of the BSA has a great Scouting experience. This is what Unit Commissioners do in supporting the Scouting movement in Goose Creek District. We ensure that each Unit in our District is recognized for their good work, help assess unit health, and connect the unit with District resources needed to ensure the delivery of the Scouting program in their community.

In serving the 67 and growing number of units in Goose Creek District, the Commissioner staff is implementing a community-based approach to providing unit service to the seven Service Areas that make up the District. We are working with the District Key3 and District Committee to achieve the vision of “rebuilding, revitalizing, and growing the Scouting program in Loudoun County”.

The responsibilities of the Unit Commissioners include:

  • Serve as liaison between the Unit and both the District and NCAC.
  • Help the District Executive to build and foster the relationship between the Charter Organization and Scouting.
  • Work with the Unit Key 3 to build a collaborative relationship in delivering the Scouting program in their community.
  • Ensure the aims and methods of Scouting are an integral part of a Unit’s Scouting program.
  • Answer questions about the various Scout programs (Cub Scouts, ScoutsBSA, Venturing, Explorers and Sea Scouts).
  • Assist units in assessing their unit health using the JTE self-assessment program.
  • Identify Unit needs and connect the Unit with District resources to support growth in membership, recruiting, training, advancement, and outdoor activities.
  • Promote Council and District events, training opportunities and Summer Camp programs.
  • Encourage unit participation in monthly District Roundtables to learn, share and connect with fellow Scouters and Unit Leaders.

If you are interested in helping your fellow Scouters and Units to deliver Scouting in their community, we invite you to join the Commissioner team. Please contact your Unit Commissioner or our District Commissioner for additional information about this great opportunity to serve Goose Creek District.

Unit Commissioners

Here are Unit Commissioners and Service Areas for each Unit in Goose Creek District:

Service Area
Pack 39BVacantWestern Loudoun
Pack 311FBrian ZabelaLeesburg
Pack 704BKurt Struder
Western Loudoun
Pack 905BRobert HansenPotomac Falls
Pack 910FRobert HansenSouth Riding
Pack 950FVacantPotomac Falls
Pack 956FVacantPotomac Falls
Pack 961FThomas PriceWestern Loudoun
Pack 962FVacantWestern Loudoun
Pack 965BJohn WitekLeesburg
Pack 982FJohn WitekLeesburg
Pack 997BVacantBrambleton
Pack 998FJohn WitekLeesburg
Pack 1148FThomas PriceSouth Riding
Pack 1151FThomas PriceAshburn
Pack 1152FVacantPotomac Falls
Pack 1154FMike SierraAshburn
Pack 1158FVacantAshburn
Pack 1162FVacantWestern Loudoun
Pack 1483FScott BashoreBrambleton
Pack 1484FSridar RajagopolanBrambleton
Pack 1500FSridar RajagopolanBrambleton
Pack 1576VacantSterling
Pack 1666FVacant
Pack 1871BThomas PricePotomac Falls
Pack 2010BThomas PriceSouth Riding
Pack 2013BRobert HansenSouth Riding
Pack 2019FVacantSterling
Troop 39BVacantWestern Loudoun
Troop 58BVacantAshburn
Troop 163BVacantWestern Loudoun
Troop 572BVacantPotomac Falls
Troop 711BBrian ZabelaLeesburg
Troop 761BBrad ScalesBrambleton
Troop 786BVacantSterling
Troop 950BBobbie ScalesPotomac Falls
Troop 955GVacant
Potomac Falls
Troop 956BVacantPotomac Falls
Troop 961BThomas PriceWestern Loudoun
Troop 962BVacantWestern Loudoun
Troop 966BThomas PricePotomac Falls
Troop 969BKurt StruderWestern Loudoun
Troop 970BThomas PricePotomac Falls
Troop 982BBrian ZabelaLeesburg
Troop 997BVacantBrambleton
Troop 998BJohn WitekLeesburg
Troop 998GVacantLeesburg
Troop 1148GThomas PriceSouth Riding
Troop 1154BSridar RajagopolanBrambleton
Troop 1159BBrian ZabelaLeesburg
Troop 1430BThomas PriceSouth Riding
Troop 1550BSteve WolfsonLeesburg
Troop 1576BVacantSterling
Troop 1666BMike SierraAshburn
Troop 1666GMike SierraAshburn
Troop 1907BBrad ScalesAshburn
Troop 1910BJohn WitekLeesburg
Troop 1941BVacantAshburn
Troop 2011BVacantWestern Loudoun
Troop 2012BThomas PriceSouth Riding
Troop 2012GThomas PriceSouth Riding
Troop 2022GVacant
Troop 2950BKurt StruderBrambleton
Troop 2970BScott BashoreBrambleton
Troop 2970GScott BashoreBrambleton
Crew 711VacantLeesburg
Crew 966Brian ZabelaPotomac Falls
Crew 1430Thomas PriceSouth Riding