District Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

I need a certificate of insurance for my unit, an event or chartering organization. 

Please fill out this form and return to Lisa Snip. You’ll receive a certificate of insurance back within 3 business days.

I turned in an application but it does not show in my My.Scouting account.

Please wait two weeks from submission date to the District Executive. If you don’t see it in your roster, submit a copy of the full application to the District Executive for re-processing.

Can you add me to the district Yahoo! groups distribution list?

To be added, please contact Ken Todd.

What fundraisers are supported by the council and insurance?

Our popcorn sales and camp card sales are the only official, supported and covered fundraising projects.

Where do I turn in applications?

If you’re turning in a Merit Badge Counselor application, see Kevin Haimovici. As soon as you receive an application, scan and send to the District Executive. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL ROUNDTABLE. Applications need to be received immediately for proper processing.