The first step in any journey is the courage to begin. The Venturing rank advancement program is designed to help Venturers grow in the areas of adventure, leadership, personal development, and service (the ALPS model). Ranks serve as benchmarks that give Venturers a structure for developing their own personal vision into manageable goals that lead to recognition by their peers, mentors, and the larger community.

The Venturing advancement has four ranks:

  • All Venturers should earn the Venturing Rank soon after formally joining the program.
  • Venturers then proceed by earning the Discovery Rank and Pathfinder Rank.
  • Finally, Venturers earn the Summit Rank, in which a young person formally serves as a mentor to other Venturers in his or her crew.

Venturing is a flexible program, and the ranks are designed to help all Venturers, no matter what their crew specialty, to grow and develop.


Venturing Rank badgeThe first step in any journey is the courage to begin. Right from the beginning of your Venturing experience, you will learn about Venturing, what the crew does, what to expect from your experiences with the crew, and making a commitment to the principles of Venturing. The first level of recognition marks your commitment to join and move forward into the adventure of Venturing.

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Discovery Rank badgeThe adventure of participating with the crew unfolds, and each Venturer begins to discover his or her interests and talents. As the Discovery Rank recipients develop new skills and competencies, their eyes are opened, and the world expands for them.

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Pathfinder Rank badgeAt this level, you will demonstrate your leadership skills by organizing and guiding the crew on adventures. You will continue to deliver service to others, including your crew— to ensure that it remains a strong a viable team. The goals you set and achieve will continue to help you grow as an individual. You will experience both formal and hands-on training to facilitate growth in this area.

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Summit Rank medal

The Summit Rank represents Venturing’s highest honor. To achieve this ultimate recognition, you will serve the crew as a leader— both formally and informally— and you will be a mentor to others. In addition, you will strengthen your community be designing and leading a service project to benefit others. The experience gained in earning this rank will help you mature as a member of a team and as an individual.

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