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Recharter Info Page

The main link for recharter is HERE.

WOD units are going to be pro-rated at 11 months. It is essential that you communicate with your commissioner about your exact fees. However, please see Mary Abe’s email (PackRecharter2020_DraftA_) including the 2019-JTE-Pack-Scorecard, Charter Agreement 2019,  and the Charter Renewal Envelope 2019-2020 JAN UNITS BLANK 191030-1 (which also includes the correct prices!) Additional forms and info can be found here.

Furthermore, all adult leaders now need not only YPT but a new disclosure form. So ALL adults need to have this form signed whether they’ve done YPT recently or not. The disclosure form is HERE.

The turn-in dates will be: Saturdays:  Nov 16 and Dec 14 (9:30am until about 12:30pm) at Transfiguration Episcopal on NH blvd near ICC,  (near Buddhist temple)

and Monday evening Dec 9 at at Church of Christ at Manor Woods (5300 Norbeck, Rockville, probably starting around 6:30pm-9:30pm).

Codes for the internet recharter site should already be in your email box if you are one of the key 3 for your unit.  If you have not received email, please reach out to your Commissioner and/or Stephen Donnelley.

IT IS URGENT that you double check the FEES with a commissioner prior to submission.  Feel welcome to come to a turn-in session even if you are not ready
yet and just need to ask questions!

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