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Recharter Info Page

Well, this year… “It’s Complicated”. So, we will do our best to keep this info page up to date as we find out what’s up!

The fees are going up from National, most likely increasing by more than $10/child and most likely less than $20/child, so there is a range we have to use in our budgets. We’ll let you know as soon as we know!

Also, most units are going to be pro-rated at 11 months, to reset our due dates on rechartering so they all match. This combination of factors makes it essential that you communicate with your commissioner about your exact fees.  (Example $33/year would become $30.25.)

Furthermore, all adult leaders now need not only YPT but a new disclosure form. So ALL adults need to have this form signed whether they’ve done YPT recently or not.

The main link for recharter is HERE.

The disclosure form is HERE.

Recharter will open on Nov 1st.

The turn-in dates will be: Saturdays:  Nov 16 and Dec 14 (9am until about 1pm) at Transfiguration Episcopal on NH Ave,

and Monday evening Dec 9 at at Church of Christ at Manor Woods (5300 Norbeck, Rockville, probably starting around 7pm).

Codes for the internet recharter site should already be in your email box if you are one of the key 3 for your unit.  If you have not received email, please reach out to your Commissioner and/or Stephen Donnelley.

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