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Family Scouting (Girls in Scouting — YES!)

In October 2017, BSA made an unexpected announcement about upcoming changes regarding participation of girls in their Units. This has caused many conversations around the country, including in White Oak District.


In response, WOD held a meeting on Jan 10th to discuss how these things might impact us in the upcoming year. As a super-brief meeting summary: Units looking for guidance should talk to their Commissioners and other WOD leaders such as Bill Totten, Mike Holder, Stephen Donnelly, and Rick Manteuffel. Scouting is local. This is key.


Units need to first discuss with their Chartering Organization (through their COR etc) and secondly need to discuss with their own leaders and families. Be prepared to be surprised. You probably cannot predict the reactions of all the people you think you can! So, just go into the discussions with an open mind and hear what everyone has to say. If everyone is in agreement, there is no problem. If there are groups who disagree with how to proceed, WOD leaders are ready and able to help with discussions or rearrangements as needed, to keep everyone happy with what they’re doing. No choices are being forced on any Units. If the unit and the CO wish to keep things as they have been, then this is what will happen.


There is a link above to a very useful discussion between Bryan Wendell (who hosts a Scouting webpage) and Mike Surbaugh (BSA Chief) which answers many of the questions you are likely asking right now. Units should make sure their COR gets to watch this video, as it is one way to help them have an informed discussion and not jump to an emotionally-based decision.


One question which has come up is whether or not YPT will change. The current implied advice (from the video) is that we will be informed as the program is developed, however, if your unit has changing membership right now, it would be prudent to train using the YPT tools which are currently in use for Venturing. Venturing units have had both boys and girls in them since as far back as 1969, so we as an organization are not going into unchartered territory.

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