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Financial Aid / “Camperships”

This is a collection of information about assorted “Camperships” available to assist families with the costs of camp.  (Posted 3/21/2019)

Day Camp deadline is April 1

Snyder was March 15  (although they might accept late applications if funds are available).

Goshen was February 1 accept late applications if funds are available).

Philmont Camperships were due December 1 ( might accept late applications).

Sea Base Scholarships were due November 1 (no mention if they accept late applications)

Northern Tier Camperships have 2 deadlines. Summer programs due January 31. Winter programs due September 1. https://filestore.scouting. (no mention if they accept late applications)

NCAC Specific
Philmont Campership deadline is
December 1 (This link will have to be updated).
Goshen Campership deadline is
February 1
Snyder Campership deadline is
March 15
Day Camp Campership deadline is
April 1
High Adventure Base Specific
Philmont has numerous Scholarships for 12-Day Expeditions, 7-Day Expeditions, Philmont Training Center (PTC), National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE), Roving Outdoor Conservation School (ROCS), Trail Crew Trek (TCT), Rayado, STEM. Deadline for all appears to be April 1 (but first come, first served)
Northern Tier Campership summer programs deadline is
January 31
Northern Tier Campership winter programs deadline is
September 1
Sea Base Scholarship deadline is
November 1
White Oak