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Important Recharter Information:

Now that the online window for recharter opened on 01Nov2016, this note will try to layout a series of links to a page on the NCAC web site that has most of the documents you need, other than the specific unit access code. Unit access codes were snail mailed and emailed to unit Committee chair of record about 4 weeks ago and should have arrived by now. If your team does not have them, please contact me immediately. I will resend this note with unit specific data of access code:

Unit Specific Data:
Unit Type: Pack/Troop/Team/Crew
Unit Number: xxxx
Unit access code:

The main page NCAC page: place to enter online process


2016-2017 Charter Renewal hand book:


Annual Unit Charter Agreement:


Charter Renewal Transmittal Envelope: Fee calculations done at Recharter Turn In sessions


Applications: things to check to avoid defects:


Marked up Application: things to check to avoid defects:


Unit Renewal Application instructions: position codes & minimum positions needed:


Slide deck (57 pages) on recharter process:


Slide deck (98 pages) on recharter process (very, very, very thorough):


The unit commissioners and I are available to answer any question you may have. I am willing to stop by your meeting with a Wi-Fi mobile hotspot to do training on recharter and My.Scouting .org web tools.

Let us know how we may be of service to you and your unit.

Please note that we will have two main recharter turn sessions 19Nov201, and 17Dec2016: both at Church of Transfiguration on New Hampshire Ave (home of Troop 1444), 9:00 to 12:00 (noon).