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Tiger Hunt

White Oak District

October 28, 2017

Location: Camp Bennett, 20501 Georgia Ave, Brookville, MD

Tiger Hunt is a fun activity to learn about Scouting. It will be co-located with WEBELOS Weekend so that you will be able to see WEBELOS and Boy Scouts in action and visit some of their events such as: a model campsite, a rope bridge, and Scout cooking methods. You will also complete some of the requirements for your Bobcat badge and learn more about being a Tiger Scout. EACH TIGER MUST HAVE HIS OWN PERSONAL ADULT. (Twins may share a parent, but otherwise each Tiger must be with his own adult partner!)


  1. Individuals (Tiger & Partner) MAY register INDIVIDUALLY OR with your Pack. Cost for the pair is $7.00.
  2. Packs register for the event online for all of your Tigers & Partners:
  3. Dress for being active outdoors and for the day’s weather (rain or shine). Be prepared!
  4. Bring water to drink and a light snack to eat.

Tigers should ideally be registered through a PACK point-of-contact person who will be at the event.  Parents who register separately need to make contact with their PACK leader to coordinate.

Schedule of Events:

Event Start Time Stop Time
Check in and Ice Breaker Games 1:00 1:30
Welcome to Tigers 1:30 1:35
Learning About Cub Scouts –
The Bobcat Trail
1:30 2:15
Rotation Events
Craft 2:15 2:45
Cooking 2:55 3:25
Rope Bridge 3:30 4:00
Model Campsite 4:10 4:40

Closing (Event Patches)

All Together Again




Printable Event Flyer: 12T 2017-2018 WOD Tiger Hunt Flier 20170914

Register here:

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