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2019 Parent/Den Walker/Pack Coordinator Information

A Note About Changes to Camp this Year (2019)

We have been fortunate to have a great team of Cub Scout Day Camp adults who have worked at day camp for many years. Due to various changes in work and personal circumstances, we have lost some major beloved staff members within the last few weeks.

We’re saying goodbye to our Program Director, Maryann Holmes and wish her luck with her new job, which happens to begin on the first day of Cub Scout Day Camp. She will be there for training on June 15 and 16 to assist with paperwork. Wish her well if you get a chance. We’re also saying goodbye to our lead BB Range Master, John Moriarty and our Fishing Lead, Rob Reeder. Rob has graciously agreed to help the new Fishing Station lead on the first day of camp. We also say goodbye to our longtime headquarters staff member, Claudia Alvarado.

Camp regulations say we must have specific certifications in place to run camp. We must have trained Cub Scout Day Camp Administrative staff in specific positions and BSA certified Range Masters to run our ranges. To that end, Michelle Manning will be moving to Program Director, which allows her to work at a program station during camp. She is a trained Range Master and will run the BB range at our camp. Michelle is also a fully trained day camp administrator, but cannot be a camp director. While she knows everything that goes on at camp, this was the only way to run day camp. For those of you that did not know, her husband has been in the hospital for over 4 months now and is finally home. Michelle will be at camp unless her husband must return to the hospital. If this occurs, we’ll have to close the BB range.

Also note that we may only be able to run half of our BB range at any given time as we are required to have one adult BB trained Range Master (or NRA certified Rifle Instructor assisting) for every 8 campers. Please consider becoming a BSA trained Range Master for 2020 so that we can offer a full shooting sports program in the future. Training opportunities occur 3 or 4 times a year. If you are have current BSA Range Master training or are an NRA certified Rifle Instructor and can assist during camp, please contact us ASAP. We will cover any den walking duties or switch around camp staffing as needed. With Michelle switching to Program Director, Theresa Garcia-Parks and Stephen Donnelly will be sharing the Camp Director duties. During camp hours, please do not disturb Michelle with camp questions unless they are directly related to the BB range.

Also, Michelle will be running staff and den walker trainings the weekend before camp. Unfortunately Theresa will not be at training due to a prior commitment that weekend. There will also be a district executive on site during training to assist Michelle.

Theresa and Michelle are diligently going through staff paperwork. Please understand there are over 80 adult and youth applications that we are working through and most are incomplete. If you have not already submitted certifications, health forms, insurance cards or any other requirements for your position, please do so ASAP. We are sending emails as we review each person’s packet.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding of the unique circumstances with the White Oak/Potomac Cub Scout Day Camp for 2019. We are determined to run a safe, fun, National Accredited BSA Cub Scout Day Camp. We look forward to a great week!

Den Walker Training Sessions

Remember that there is a required in person training session for all adult den walkers who have never den walked at this Day Camp location in the past. The training is at the Lois Green IWL (the day camp site) located at 8721 Snouffer School Rd, Gaithersburg, MD 20879. You don’t need to attend both sessions, but you do need to attend one unless special arrangements have been made in advance.

Den Walker Training Dates:
Saturday, June, 15
Sunday, June 16 from 2 to 4 pm.

Bring water, snacks, a hat, sunscreen, and bug spray.


If you have attended in the past, you are welcome to attend again to find out what changes are in store this year. Den walker training is as follows:

Pack Coordinators/Shirt and Water Bottle Pick up

Pack Coordinators (or their designee) can turn in paperwork Saturday, June 15 or Sunday, June 16 between 4 pm and 5 pm. Once paperwork has been turned in and is found to be complete, Pack Coordinators will receive camper t-shirts and water bottles. There will be no early camper or den walker paperwork drop off this year.

Den Listing/Assignments

Each pack is assigned a Day Camp Den. These dens are a combination of packs to form a larger ‘Camp Den’. Below is a Den Listing for all packs.  Reach out to those in your Den to coordinate your Den Areas and what you might be able to bring:  i.e., pop ups, coolers, wagons, etc. If you are a Pack that has 2-3 campers, you’ve most likely been paired with another Pack that can help you out by sharing duties.

Daily Camp Schedule

Potomac/White Oak Day Camp Guide

Walk-in’s Allowed at this Camp

Registration has closed. However, if you have someone that completely missed the deadline and still wants to attend. they can still come to camp if they bring the $260 registration fee to camp with all of the Cub paperwork.  They will not be allowed to participate until all of the paperwork is turned in:  Individual Application, Release, Health Form A&B, and insurance card copies front and back.  After the fee is turned in to the DE at camp, it will take about 24 hours to get the camper t-shirt,  water bottle and totem from Bethesda. We plan on late registrations so craft supplies (except for Council provided Camp Totem) are already accounted for in our ordering. Forms campers need to bring to camp to register on are are as follows:

Den Walker Information

At the National Capital Area Council, we take the safety of our youth and adults first and foremost. We abide by the National Camp Accreditation Program Standards to run our camps. As such, we are required to have all adults, including staff and den walkers take Youth Protection Training and have a copy of their BSA medical form on file with the camp HQ staff.

Remember that Den Walkers need to submit a BSA Health Form (parts A and B only, with an attached insurance card) and their current YPT certificate prior to den walking at camp. No need for a physical, just parts A and B are required. The BSA medical form can be found here:

Information to take Youth Protection Training (YPT): Adult Den Walkers must have current YPT certification. Adults must also have current Weather Hazard training. Please provide copies of the certificates with your staff applications. Training can be found at

White Oak