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2019 Day Camp Staff Information

Day Camp Staff forms and Guide

Note for Day Camp, all staff, campers and den walkers need to complete parts A and B of the health form. Please attach an insurance card as well.

Most staff applicants for Cub Scout Day Camp should have received an email regarding acceptance or wait list status. If you have not, contact me ASAP. Note that Michelle and I are still working through paperwork, so you may still hear from one of us in the next day or so about missing paperwork or acceptance status.

Required Staff Training and Dates

Note all staff (Adults, Jr. Staff, Den Chiefs and Program Volunteers) are required to take 8 hours of training. Don’t worry, all the online training, reading the staff manual when it comes out and keeping up with updates counts as training. But there is a required in person training session that accomplishes a few things.

You don’t need to attend both sessions, but you do need to attend one unless special arrangements have been made in advance. You will need to meet with Michelle to the scheduled sessions. Please make it easier on us and make one of the sessions.

Saturday June 15 from 9 to about noon (or whenever when most of the set up is complete)


Sunday, June 16 from noon to 2 (or whenever the rest of set up is complete).

Bring water, snacks, a hat, sunscreen and a camp chair if you want to sit during training.

Youth Volunteers – Age 14 and older – Jr. Staff
Note, if you are age 14 (Jr. Staff) and above, you must take Weather Hazards training and have current YPT training. Training can be found at  If you have not already taken the training, please do so ASAP!

Youth staff 14 and above can earn SSL hours, leadership credit (with prior approval of Scoutmaster) or $100 credit to any NCAC camp (Goshen, NYLT, etc.). You must indicate your choice BEFORE that start of camp for budgeting purposes.

Youth Volunteers – Age 13 and under – Den Chiefs and Program Volunteers
For youth ages 14 and under, if you have already submitted paperwork, we have most likely contacted you on your paperwork. Contact us if you have not heard back. We are missing a few insurance cards and checking on references.

If you have not already done so, please take Online Den Chief Training, which can be found at:

The link is at the bottom of the page. It should take about 1- 1 1/2 hours depending on servers at the time. You must take it all in one sitting and you must take it on a device that you can print from. There is a certificate at the end of the course that must be printed at that time (if you know how, you can also make a PDF of the certificate and send to me). BSA does not keep any record of this training as youth under 14 cannot create a account. The only way to reproduce the certificate is to take the training again.

Adult Volunteers
Adults must have current YPT certification. Adults must also have current Weather Hazard training. Please provide copies of the certificates with your staff applications. Training can be found at If you have not already done so, please send a copy of your certificates to Michelle and I.


National BSA has changed the website that seasonal staff must access to in order to take the “Unlawful Harassment Training” for camp standards.  All camp staff over the age of 18 must take this training from  Each staff member will create an account and should print out their completion certificate to be compiled in the standards documentation for inspection.

Each staff member will create an account and should print out their completion certificate to be compiled in the standards documentation for inspection.

After completing the course, please print or make a print out (PDF is fine) of the Completion Status Report and send to Michelle and I.

NOTE that I could not get the course to work on Firefox. Try another browser. Chrome worked for me. – Theresa

If you have current First Aid and/or CPR training, please provide copies of your certificates with your application.

Both Youth (all ages) and Adult Staff VolunteersYou’ll also need to provide BSA Health Forms. Only parts A and B need to be completed. There is no need for a physical.

First Aid/CPR Certified Staff
We need additional First Aid/CPR trained staff prior to day camp. This includes Den Chiefs, Program Volunteers, Youth Staff and Adult Staff. If you have current certification in First Aid/CPR (including child CPR), please send to me ASAP.

If your son and/or daughter is attending Cub Scout Day Camp (Staff child camper)
If you are working all week and have a child/children (limit 2 camper per parent/guardian) attending camp for $50, if you have not already done so, please provide camper paperwork as soon as possible. That includes an individual camper form, release and health form.

Please email forms to both Michelle and I, or you can drop by my house at 5202 Myer Court, Rockville, MD 20853. There is a clip on the screen door to leave your paperwork. Please make sure to put paperwork in an envelope.

Please let me know if you have any other questions about day camp staff!

Thanks to everyone who makes Cub Scout Day Camp happen!

Theresa Garcia-Parks
CSDC Director
White Oak District
National Capital Area Council
Scouting, BSA

White Oak